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Popcorn Throwdown: 3-D Flicks Getting Massacred

Hoping to come back from a disappointing summer, Disney is re-releasing its early-nineties classic The Lion King in 3-D on Friday. But the 3-D format itself is struggling after several underperforming titles. Read on to find out which of the two leading 3-D companies, RealD or IMAX, remains the better investment bet.

Is 3-D Video Hurting Our Eyes ... Or Saving Them?

It sometimes seems like everything that's fun is also a potential threat to your health, so it's hardly surprising that 3-D movies, games and TVs have drawn fire from critics who worry that they could cause long-term eye damage. But eye care professionals say that the reverse may be true.

Toshiba Unveils No-Glasses 3-D TV

Toshiba (TOSBF) unveiled a new 3-D TV that viewers can watch without wearing special glasses. The 3-D liquid crystal display TV uses a high-definition screen backlit with LEDs, a special sheet on the screen and chip technology to display information from nine images, The New York Times reported.