3-D TV

3-D TV Reaches Out to Grab Reluctant Viewers

DailyFinance visited the recent 3D Entertainment Summit to find out what 3-D television has in store for us. For mainstream consumers, 3-D TV hasn't caught on just yet, but prices are falling and improvements are on the way. Watch our video report to get the latest on what's about to pop out of your screen.

Is 3-D Video Hurting Our Eyes ... Or Saving Them?

It sometimes seems like everything that's fun is also a potential threat to your health, so it's hardly surprising that 3-D movies, games and TVs have drawn fire from critics who worry that they could cause long-term eye damage. But eye care professionals say that the reverse may be true.

Hottest Gadgets for 2011

The International Consumer Electronics Show is about to begin in Las Vegas -- Jan. 6 -- but before companies start promoting their wares, we thought...

3-D TV Sales Are Set for Eye-Popping Growth

About 4 million 3-D-capable TV sets will ship in 2010, one out of every 20 flat-screen TVs sold. That's projected to more than double next year and grow tenfold in four years. But hurdles like lack of 3-D programming and bandwith constraints could limit such rapid growth.