2010 elections

California Voters Reject Proposition to Legalize Pot

It looks like a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in California has failed. Proposition 19 would have made it legal for adults of drinking age to possess up to 1 ounce of pot, as well as to grow and smoke the drug in private, and would have authorized local governments to tax its sale.

Will California Light Up a National Pot Industry?

Many will be watching to see if the state's voters say yes to Proposition 19, the controversial ballot measure that would legalize marijuana in California. Advocates say the measure would be a moneymaker. Opponents see nothing but trouble ahead if Prop 19 passes.

This Week's Elections Could Spark a Rally

The midterm elections and the third year of president's term in office have historically led to a stock market rally. Could that be the case this year and in 2011?

There Are No Quick Fixes
for the U.S. Economy

With elections near and joblessness still so high, Congress and even the Fed are chasing short-term solutions that won't really help matters. More finely targets policies would be effective, but don't expect any until, with luck, after Nov. 2.