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Travel Insurance: Must-Have or Total Scam? - DailyFinance Savings
Jun 10, 2014 ... Every time you book a flight, hotel or rental car, the same question always pops up: Should you get travel insurance? Here are a few things to ...
Is Pet Insurance a Scam? - DailyFinance Savings Experiment
Apr 21, 2015 ... Pet insurance can come in handy, but is it worth the price? Here are some things to consider before incurring the expense.
How to Protect Yourself From Credit Fraud - DailyFinance Savings
Jan 15, 2013 ... The Internet has made shopping more convenient, but identity theft is on the rise. So, how can you prevent your credit card number from being ...
Be Savvy About Repair Service
May 28, 2015 ... The truth is, there are many repair service companies that will try to scam you. Here's how to avoid the trouble. "Fix-it fraudsters," as they are ...
Are You Getting What You Pay For?
Dec 2, 2014 ... From shampoo to sliced bread, many brands have been downsizing their products, all while charging you the same price. So, how can you tell ...
The Savings Experiment - Everyday Savings Tips to Get the Most for
Savvy savers sharing ways to make a dollar go farther.
Coming Clean With the Truth About the Best Detergents
Sep 28, 2010 ... One of the earliest signs of the arrival of soap in the civilized world dates to the Babylonians of 2800 B.C. Too bad for all those ancient ...
How to Find Free Flu Shots - DailyFinance Savings Experiment
Oct 28, 2014 ... Getting sick can be costly. Protect yourself by finding out where to get an inexpensive flu shot.
Treating the High Cost of Prescription Drugs - DailyFinance Savings
Feb 15, 2011 ...Scam artists often masquerade as online pharmacists. They woo consumers to pay upfront in exchange for a supposed drug discount card.
Your Best Seat in the House to Terrific Ticket Bargains
Sep 14, 2010 ... Not so long ago, snagging a ticket to a concert or sporting event was as simple as sauntering up to a booth with cash in hand. Holy Hot Stub: ...

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