Washington D.C. Named Nicest Place In Social Media, Gets (Char)coal For Christmas

OAKLAND, Calif. , Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A wise person once said, "If you need a friend in Washington , get a dog." Kingsford Charcoal isn't sure who said it – neither is the Internet – but based on some surprising social media analytics uncovered by the brand, it seems the saying should be amended to "If you need a friend in Washington , get a Twitter handle." Since coal gets a bad rap around the holidays, the makers of Kingsford ® Charcoal decided to turn the classic punishment into a reward by awarding the nicest – not the naughtiest – place in social media with the gift of coal. To determine that location, Kingsford partnered with Marketwired , a leader in social media monitoring and analytics, to use their Sysomos-powered solution to sort through more than 236 million tweets from across the United States to find the nicest place in social media for the 2013 calendar year. Engineers wrote a unique script to analyze who tweeted "please," "thank you," and "thanks" the most often during the past year and attributed each tweet to a user's location. The algorithm also took into account tweeters who cursed very little and had an overall "positive sentiment" score. The results were surprising. Contrary to current public sentiment, with the approval rating for Congress slipping into the single digits for the first time in history, Washington D.C. is full of the nicest people in social media. Commenting on the stark contrast between the public's perception of Washington D.C. and how it's represented in social media, Rachel Schappacher , a junior at Georgetown University minoring in Sociology, says, "Crazy, right? Everyone thinks D.C. is full of Scrooge-like politicians, turns out it's full of Scrooge-like politicians who pretend to be nice on Twitter." As a reward for its social media niceties, Kingsford is sponsoring the Georgetown University Grilling Society (GUGS) with a year's supply of its classic coal and gift cards to Walmart , which just opened its first two stores in the area last week , to ensure the student-run organization keeps grilling and (hopefully) sending sweet tweets throughout 2014. GUGS was awarded this prize on behalf of all of the District of Columbia because the PR director for Kingsford is a Georgetown alum and because, well, they seem like really nice kids who like to grill. And, they're not naughty politicians (yet). The student-run organization's mission statement says it all: Beneath the trees which line the grounds of Georgetown , the Georgetown University Grilling Society strives to maintain the fundamental values of mankind through bonds and friendships forged in the very fires upon which we cook. "Kingsford knows that nothing brings people together like grilling," says Drew McGowan , Kingsford representative and member of the Holiday Party (H). "GUGS embodies that sentiment. With basketball season underway, we're excited to help this great organization continue tailgating through the cold winter months and into the spring." To continue spreading the holiday cheer outside Washington D.C. , Kingsford will be giving away a year's supply of charcoal and five stockings full of the stuff along with warm-weather hats available exclusively on the brand's e-store to ensure cold-weather grilling to a few lucky Twitter-users. From now through Jan. 1, 2014 , simply include #benicegetcoal when you tweet @Kingsford for a chance to win. To learn more about the sweepstakes, visit grilling.com . 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In fiscal year 2013, The Clorox Company Foundation awarded $4 million in cash grants, and Clorox made product donations valued at nearly $15 million . For more information, visit  TheCloroxCompany.com . About Marketwired Partnering with companies of all sizes—from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises—Marketwired(TM) is an innovative social communications company offering industry-leading social media monitoring and analytics. Marketwired solutions, powered by Sysomos, provide instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations, allowing brands to see what's happening, why it's happening, and who's driving the conversations. Media Relations Katie Ahern Drew McGowan Current Kingsford/The Clorox Company 312-929-0515; kahern@talktocurrent.com 510-271-7499; drew.mcgowan@clorox.com SOURCE Kingsford Charcoal