Turkey Industry Reliant on Hired Chillers this Christmas says Andrews Sykes

(PRWEB UK) 23 December 2011

Figures from Andrews Sykes, the nationwide chiller hire specialist, show that the UK’s turkey farmers are more reliant on rented chiller units this year in comparison to 2010. With the second mildest November on record for 100 years and balmy conditions expected in the run up to Christmas Day itself (according to the Met Office), Andrews Sykes believes turkey farmers are wise to put contingency plans in place to ensure their stock remains unspoiled and saleable.

According to Andrews Sykes, many turkey farms use extra outbuildings and stores to accommodate the additional volume of carcasses at this time of year: turkeys are usually slaughtered and processed at between 12 and 21 weeks and the birds are then left for a period of 1-2 weeks to tenderise. With the exceptionally cold temperatures across the UK last year, turkey farmers did not require any extra chiller equipment in order to keep the birds at the 2-3 degrees Celsius required. However with a much higher ambient temperature expected in 2011, chillers combined with air handling units are able to maintain suitable conditions for farmers to maximise sales and profits.

Alan Smith, Business Development Manager at Andrews Sykes said: “Despite being such a key element of a traditional Christmas dinner, many people leave the purchase of their turkey until the last minute, simply due to its weight, size and difficulty in storage. That has huge implications for turkey farmers who must retain stock in perfect condition right up until the 24th December. In addition, increasing numbers of consumers are preferring to purchase direct from the ‘farm’ rather than from a supermarket, which also prolongs the chiller process for producers.”

The British turkey farming industry is big business with more than 20 million turkeys produced for meat in the UK each year, earning their producers around £375 million. In fact according to the British Turkey Information Service around half of these (10 million units) are sold at Christmas.

Alan Smith, Business Development Manager at Andrews Sykes continued: “As well planned installations, we are also regarded as an emergency service by turkey farmers across the country. If chillers fail at a crucial time, the farmer has a matter of hours during which he needs to install a temporary solution in order for his stock to remain unaffected.”

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