Paid To Click Sites Are Generating Opportunities for Advertisers and Consumers Alike, Three Dollar Click, Four Dollar Click and Seven Dollar Click Speak Out

ORLANDO, Fla. , Dec. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- It seems that the world of advertising is experiencing a bit of a revolution in the way that it functions. It used to be the case that advertisers would pay for space in a variety of mediums where it was likely that would-be customers would see their message. These mediums included television, radio and more recently, the Internet. Television and radio use advertising in the form of commercials. These commercials interrupt the broadcast, allowing the advertisement to be the sole focus of the viewer or listener. The Internet, however, is a medium that does not allow for interruptions of this kind. The advent of the Internet has brought about that change in philosophy, as advertisers first rushed to locate sites that featured the largest amount of page views. Unfortunately for these advertisers, many site visitors simply ignored the advertisements in favor of viewing the content that they were in search of. Those advertising dollars were being wasted. This knowledge changed the way the game is played. Instead of paying to place an advertisement where it would be seen, why not instead pay potential customers to view these advertisements? This is why paid to click sites such as Three Dollar Click, Four Dollar Click and Seven Dollar Click have become so popular among both advertisers and consumers: They have something to offer both the consumer and the advertiser. The perspective of the consumer is simple: Their time is valuable and they need to be paid for it. The advertiser, on the other hand, needs to ensure that the consumer pays their full attention to the advertisement. Using sites such as, and allow for all parties to get what they want. "Our model is really quite simple," said Athena Kemp , a representative with one of the paid to click websites. "We pay our members a very nice and competitive rate to view the advertisements we provide, and our advertisers pay to have their ads viewed. It is very much a win-win situation for all of the parties involved." Kemp went on to explain the value in offering this type of service in this day and age, saying, "This is a very unique situation we are in. Advertising on the Internet is not the same as TV and radio advertising. Our method is the best way for companies to have their ads seen by a broad swath of potential consumers." Kemp continued, saying, "Think about the last article that you read online. Did you really notice the advertisements that were placed in the margins of the article? You probably ignored them. That means that those advertising dollars were completed wasted. Companies cannot afford to waste any portion of their budget with the economy in its current state. We help to make sure that those dollars are put to good use." As the popularity of these paid to click sites continues to rise, it seems that there are more and more opportunities for individuals to work from home. The testimonial pages from sites such as ThreeDollarClick, FourDollarClick and SevenDollarClick are filled with stories of success. Many of the members of these sites have achieved financial independence and the ability to work from home. "A lot of people think, for whatever reason, that financial independence is not possible in a work from home situation," said Kemp. "Clearly, this is not the case. I have spoken with so many of our members who started out doing this as a part-time thing. Once they realized that they could more than support themselves on the money they were earning, they were able to lead much happier lives. No more commuting, no more babysitters. They were free." It is clear that advertisers have to adapt to the changing mediums that our world has presented. As Internet use continues to rise across the globe, it seems that paid to click sites will continue to see an increase in the number of advertisers and members taking advantage of their system. For more information visit , , and . Media Contact: Brandon Hopkins , AfterHim Media LLC, 559-871-1613, News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: SOURCE AfterHim Media LLC