iPhone Repair Leeds warns against the rising number of fake Apple parts

Leeds, West Yorkshire (PRWEB UK) 28 February 2013

Ross Taylor of iPhone repair Leeds, has revealed to us that a great number of companies offering iPhone repairs predominantly use inferior quality parts and repair methods on unsuspecting customers. Many are only able to offer an inferior quality replacement screen which is usually of Chinese origin. The differences are subtle in that any problems would not be immediately apparent. Ross explains to us how users can identify the fake parts, upon close inspection the none-original parts will have a thicker bezel adding a considerable bulk to the top of the phone, the colour replication will also not be as vivid as one would expect from a Retina display.

Ross explains the unoriginal part will tend to exclude the application of an oleophobic coating making cleaning unreasonably difficult, and the glass will be much more brittle making breakages much more likely. These parts are generally the ones available on popular online auction sites, which are being used on unsuspecting customers phones by many unscrupulous traders in the Leeds area.

Given the ease and speed one can create a fictitious business online we understand that it has become a problem that has reached epidemic proportions. Ross gives us some hints on how to identify these types of fake Businesses, You should always check the address given on the website and take a quick look on street view, which should reveal whether the business is a legitimate retail outlet or a bedroom based operation. These types of underhand operations will tend to pad their websites with airbrushed images taken from random web sources; They will also tend to offer a warranty that far outstrips anything that is considered reasonable in this industry, This however isn't what it seems since the warranty period will only be valid for as long as the company is trading and home based businesses can easily wash their hands of any liability.

Ross tells us his company have built up its business using only high quality original parts; that more needs to be done to stamp out the distribution of poor quality parts from China. Ross wants these shady business practices to be exposed to help people avoid having their equipment destroyed by unprofessional companies that are only interested in increasing their bottom line. With the impending opening of The Apple Store in Leeds stamping out the problem is now a top priority.

Sources familiar with the current problems afflicting users of the many iPhone repair services tell us even Apple are not immune to the problem, with some criminals taking advantage of Apples first class warranty exchange policy. The real parts are removed and replaced with fake ones, the iPhone is then swapped at one of Apples own service centres, this is allowing criminals to effectively obtain a new iPhone while keeping all the original working parts.

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