DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Implant Lawsuit Trial Raises Questions About Johnson & Johnson’s Actions in Years Prior to DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Recall, According to Alonso

Melville, NY (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

The DePuy ASR hip replacement implant attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP, a law firm focused on fighting for the victims of defective medical device injuries, is disturbed by much of the evidence disclosed during the first trial involving a DePuy ASR hip replacement lawsuit. The Firm agrees with the conclusion of a recent New York Times editorial that a great deal of the documents and testimony presented in Los Angeles Superior Court so far indicates that DePuy Orthopaedics and its parent, Johnson & Johnson, “buried the bad news” about DePuy ASR hips. The evidence casts doubt on the companies’ claims that they acted appropriately in the years leading up to the DePuy ASR hip implant recall.
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In August 2010, DePuy issued a worldwide DePuy ASR hip replacement recall. At the center of this hip replacement recall were the ASR Hip Resurfacing System and the ASR Acetabular XL Hip Replacement System after data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales showed that 1 out of every 8 patients (12%-13%) who had received the devices had to undergo revision surgery within five years of implantation. By that time, roughly 93,000 of the devices had been sold worldwide, according to the Times. Internal estimates from DePuy now indicate the five-year failure rate is closer to 40%. Documents disclosed at trial show that as early as 2008 DePuy executives were warned by numerous surgeons, including its own consultants, that the device appeared defective. These complaints were never made public, and neither were unfavorable internal studies that raised more questions about the ASR’s performance, according to the Times.
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As the editorial points out, the ASR is the most failure-prone metal-on-metal hip on the market. Such devices are currently under review at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which warned last month that all-metal hips can shed dangerous amounts of metal ions into patients’ tissue and blood stream, leading to device failure, a condition called metallosis, and other serious complications. The DePuy ASR and other metal-on-metal hip implants were approved via the FDA’s 510(k) process, which requires no human testing. In last month’s Safety Communication, the agency proposed a rule that would make all-metal hips ineligible for this process.
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The revelations that have come out of the Los Angeles trial certainly indicate that Johnson & Johnson and DePuy were more concerned with profits than patient safety in the years prior to the DePuy ASR hip recall, according to Alonso Krangle LLP. The Firm is hopeful that this proceeding, and other trials set to begin in the near future, will provide vindication to the thousands of patients potentially harmed by recalled DePuy ASR hip implants.

DePuy and Johnson & Johnson are currently named in more than 10,000 lawsuits filed in the wake of the DePuy ASR hip replacement recall, most of which are pending in a multidistrict litigation underway in U.S. District Court for the District of Ohio (MDL No. 2197) Alonso Krangle LLP continues to offer free DePuy ASR hip replacement recall lawsuit evaluations to anyone injured as a result of a recalled DePuy ASR hip implant. To discuss a potential DePuy ASR hip replacement recall lawsuit claim with one of the experienced and compassionate lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP, please contact us at 1-800-403-6191 or visit our website,

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