Armor Venue Launches Products in New EBay Store

(PRWEB) February 13, 2013

In an effort to make products more accessible to customers, Armor Venue, vendor of historical armor and weaponry, is launching a new EBay store. Currently in the process of moving products over to EBay, Armor Venue hopes to expand the majority of its inventory to this store in the near future. In addition to the armor retailer’s regular product lines, customers will also be able to find unique items, exclusive to EBay, at wholesale prices. With the recent expansion to Amazon, as well as the store’s homepage, EBay will offer customers yet another way to see and purchase Armor Venue merchandise.

Among the items featured in the EBay store, with more to come, is the Praetorian Roman Guard Helmet. The term “praetorian” comes from the tent of a commanding general, or praetor of a Roman army in the field and were comprised of an elite group of Roman citizens and others. To reflect this prestige, this helmet is a historically accurate replica of one worn by a Praetorian guard. Made of pure brass with delicate designs and embossed lion’s head symbol on the forehead, this piece is lined with leather to ensure comfort and loops on the cheek guards. Whether for display or wear, this helmet is a great addition for any collection.

Sticking with the realm of Roman helmets, another featured item at the EBay store is the Gladiator Arena helmet. Made famous in the movie “Gladiator”, this piece has a simple, yet powerful design that will be a delight to Roman enthusiasts and movie buffs. Hand crafted with 18-gauge steel, this helmet also contains steel spikes that jet out of the body. It is a fitting piece of headgear for costumes, reenactments, or displays.

Other collections to be shifted to EBay include armor and weapons from the medieval, Greek, and Samurai periods, as well as sword collections and LARP gear. To see Armor Venue’s complete catalog, visit

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