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How Billionaire Warren Buffett Avoids Failure

It takes more than good business judgment to be an exceptional investor.

How Warren Buffett Views Mergers and Acquisitions

According to Warren Buffett, too many corporate CEOs think they can turn a frog into a prince with a magical kiss.

Why Warren Buffett Loves Renewable Energy

Buffett doesn't love renewable energy because it's clean, he loves it because it's profitable.

Warren Buffett’s Biggest Mistake Changed His Life

We all know very well Warren Buffett’s investing philosophy. But human nature makes it hard to follow certain aspects of it.

Warren Buffett: The Smartest Thing You Can Do With Your Money Today

Over the years Warren Buffett has given a lot of advice about where we should put our money. But exactly where that is will surprise you.

Warren Buffett's Billion-Dollar Gift That Keeps On Giving

Warren Buffett has much to say about many things. But his words about one of his favorite businesses can teach us all we need to know.

Harold Hamm: From Humble Roots to a $20 Billion Fortune

Most people have no idea who Harold Hamm -- one of America's 30 richest people -- is, but the founder of Continental Resources has helped reshape America's energy future and helped Berkshire Hathaway investors along the way.

Freddie Mac Stock: Why Warren Buffett Sold His Shares

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac grab headlines, and Warren Buffett has reveled why he sold his position that was once worth $3.9 billion.

2 Reasons a SodaStream Takeover Won't Happen

Bloomberg News reports that SodaStream is in talks to go private

5 Investing Lessons I Learned Eating Lunch With Tom Gayner

Tom Gayner is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Markel, a specialty insurer located 102 miles south of Motley Fool HQ. Mr. Gayner kindly invited me and three other Fools to have lunch with him this week.
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