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Why GM's Latest Recall Mess Isn't GM's Fault

GM told dealers to stop selling the popular Chevrolet Cruze because of a defect. But this one isn't GM's fault.

Is Tesla Motors Inc. Headed for a Massive Short Squeeze?

Short sellers need more and more time to cover their positions if Tesla Motors shares suddenly go racing. Is the stock headed for a huge short squeeze?

Why Tesla Motors Released Its Patents

Why did Tesla give up its moat? Because nobody bothered to try to cross it.

Amid the Recalls, Can General Motors Persevere?

General Motors continues to be plagued with a recall crisis. Since January, the Detroit automaker has brought on 35 new investigators to tackle 30 recalls -- the costs are extreme.

Will Fiat S.p.A.'s Alfa Romeo Project Lead to a New Dodge Challenger?

The next Dodge Challenger could be a lot lighter and nimbler, thanks to new corporate sibling Alfa Romeo.

GM Gains in Its Largest Market: China

GM continues to make steady gains in China, now its largest market.

Why BMW's i8 Still Falls Short of Challenging Tesla Motors

BMW needs a strong response to Tesla. The i8 isn't it.

Tesla Among the Many Brands Powered by NVIDIA

Tesla is the highest-tech example, but NVIDIA processors are already found in some 4.5 million vehicles, with 25 million more to come over the next few years.

DAX 10,000: Is Europe's Biggest Market Still Its Biggest Opportunity?

Germany's lead stock index hit a record high, but there's plenty to like for the country's top exporters -- and their investors -- in the future.

Why Isn't Anyone Buying Volkswagens?

VW's U.S. sales were down another 15% last month. One big problem: Its SUVs aren't selling.
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