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Chrysler appears to have delayed the launch of the long-awaited Jeep Cherokee for another month. Is it time to be concerned?

Will Fiat Ever Get to Buy Chrysler?

Fiat's CEO already controls Chrysler, but has pushed hard for a full merger. The obstacles: a Delaware judge and the UAW.

The Top 3 Problems for American Automakers

Detroit is back, and the Big Three's latest cars and trucks are as good as anybody's. But they're not out of the woods yet. Here are 3 big problems that still haunt Detroit's Big Three.

Fiat Moves Closer to a Merger With Chrysler

Fiat got control of Chrysler in the wake of the Detroit automaker's 2009 bankruptcy. Now, Fiat is moving to buy the rest of Chrysler, but there's one big obstacle: the UAW.

America Is Ready for Diesel Power

America’s relationship with diesel engines in passenger automobiles has had a rocky past.

Ford Gains Ground in a Tough Europe Market

The new-car market in Europe is in terrible shape, and it may get worse. But Ford has a plan to boost profits despite tough conditions -- and that plan may be starting to bear fruit.

Are You Ready to Buy Chrysler Stock?

The smallest of Detroit's Big Three -- now under Fiat's control -- is preparing to go public once again. But as always with Chrysler, the story is a little complicated.

2 CEOs Trying to Bring Dead Companies Back to Life

With great risk comes potential of great returns in stocks. These two CEO's have their hands full bringing their companies back from bankruptcy, but their actions could offer a unique investment opportunity.

Will Italy's Fiat Become an American Company?

Italian automaker Fiat recently suggested that it might move its headquarters to the United States. Is Detroit about to get a new automaker?