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Don't Be Fooled -- Falling Oil Prices Are Good For Stocks

Falling oil prices will lead to larger corporate profits, which are good for stocks.

Why Nike's Plunge Didn't Drag Down the Stock Market Today

Investor optimism is building into the end of the year, and the market is shaking off warning signs from individual companies.

As the Dow Recovers, Smart Investors Can Learn From Rollercoaster Markets

Getting wrapped up in the moment is a common investing mistake that can teach you a valuable lesson.

The Fed's High-Wire Act Straddles Two Trends

In a tricky environment, the market applauds the Fed's non-committal language

The Dow Climbs Triple Digits, but Investors Should Stop Expecting Fed Bailouts

Once again, central-bank policy moves are back in the spotlight as the Fed is poised to announce its latest policy changes.

The Dow Shakes Off Russia's Financial Crisis and Soars -- for Now

A new currency crisis in Russia forced central-bank intervention and could pose a long-term threat to the global economy, but U.S. investors aren't panicking.

Could the Dow's Long-Awaited Correction Finally Be Coming?

Corrections are a normal thing for the stock market over the long run, but they haven't happened much lately.

Jeff Cooper: Will the Second Hindenburg Get the Cheese?

The Hindenburghs came for Thanksgiving and never left.

Dow Falls 200 as Plunging Oil Prices Scare Stock Investors

What should be good news for U.S. consumers has turned out to be bad news for investors, as crude oil continues its sharp decline.

2 Things AT&T Dividend Investors Need to Know Now

Can the highest yielding Dow stock keep up its dividend mojo?
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