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4 Familiar Firms Going the Wrong Way in Earnings

A few household names are expected to post declines, including Microsoft, Dreamworks, Ford and Under Armour, even with market indices hitting new highs.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Jul 19th 2014 6:00AM

A Well-Earned Rebound for Investors

Investors brushed aside geopolitical concerns Friday and focused on the fundamentals: earnings, which overall looked pretty good. That

By: DailyFinance Staff    Jul 18th 2014 4:55PM

Jet Crash in Ukraine Spooks Investors

The markets were treading water until news broke that a Malaysia Airline jet had crashed while flying over a part of Ukraine occupied by militant pro-Russian separatists.

By: DailyFinance Staff    Jul 17th 2014 4:50PM