DailyFinance Exclusives

Chuy's Is No Chipotle or Qdoba

Chuy's reports strong growth sales during the first quarter, but higher food and labor costs take a chunk out the Tex-Mex restaurant chain's profit.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Mar 3rd 2015 12:20PM

Best Buy Is Rising From the Dead

Best Buy reports better-than-expected financial results, with revenue climbing to $14.21 billion if you exclude the problematic appliance stores in China.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Mar 3rd 2015 11:41AM

10 Things to Never Buy at Target

Every item in Target's big red boxes isn't the best deal. You might be better off at Walmart, your supermarket, the dollar store or online.

By: Annalisa Kraft-Linder    Mar 3rd 2015 9:30AM

Keurig Goes for a Slam Dunkin' With Coffee K-Cups

K-Cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee will now be sold through more retail outlets, including Keurig's own website. And franchisees will benefit, too.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Mar 2nd 2015 1:46PM

7 Clues That Your 401(k) Plan Sucks

The fees charged by 401(k) retirement plans are at issue in a Supreme Court case. Regardless of the outcome, here are 7 signs you have a bad 401(k) plan.

By: Robert Berger    Mar 2nd 2015 6:00AM

You Should Get to Know These Stock Market Royals

Dividend Aristocrats, which have been paying -- and increasing -- dividends for at least 25 years, include more than a few market-beating companies.

By: Eric Volkman    Mar 2nd 2015 6:00AM