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Could McTablets Help McDonald's Start Paying $15 an Hour?

McDonald's is testing a plan that could help it give wage activists what they want. But a tablet that automates the ordering process could also eliminate a lot of McJobs.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Sep 19th 2014 12:30PM

This Sneaky Used Car Scam Could Cost You Thousands

An estimated 800,000 used cars in the U.S. have undergone title washing. Their damaged status has been hidden so con men can trick buyers into overpaying.

By: Erik Sherman    Sep 18th 2014 6:00AM

5 Reasons to Play the Dave & Buster's IPO

Dave & Buster's has filed for its IPO. Will it be a hit like Chipotle or a miss like Potbelly and Noodles & Co.?

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Sep 18th 2014 6:00AM

Wall Street Warms Up to Twitter Again

Twitter's stock is starting to move. With three analysts setting price targets of $62 to $65, Wall Street seems to think that this is only the beginning.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Sep 17th 2014 11:22AM