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Can Apple Restore the Luster of the iPad?

Apple has a problem. It sold 9 percent fewer iPads during the three months ending in June than it did a year earlier. What must it do to get back on track?

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Jul 29th 2014 12:06PM

5 More Companies That Could Be Bought Out Soon

Two big corporate buyouts start the week, and possible future targets include Barnes & Noble, SodaStream, Pandora, Nintendo and Leapfrog.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Jul 29th 2014 6:00AM

Your Favorites Places and Ways to Shop Revealed

You may think the Internet has conquered the shopping world, but a new survey shows most consumers in every age group prefer to shop in the real world.

By: Carol Kopp    Jul 28th 2014 11:00AM

7 Less-Known but Very Valuable Comic Books

Films based on Marvel and DC heroes have increased interest in certain rare comics. Might be worth checking your attic for one of these less-known books.

By: Tim Beyers    Jul 25th 2014 6:00AM

Norway Is Giving Disney the Cold Shoulder Over 'Frozen'

As Disney capitalizes on the huge success of "Frozen," Arendelle has invaded the Norway pavilion at Epcot in Florida. Fans of Anna and Elsa may be pleased. Norway is not.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Jul 24th 2014 2:26PM