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From Big Dreams to Owning a Small Business

Diane and John MacPherson run Foster Harris House, a bed and breakfast in Washington, Va. Here's how they fulfilled their dream of owning a small business.

By: DailyFinance Staff    Nov 19th 2015 5:00AM

Learning How to Pay Off Debt

Stephanie Benedetti accumulated over $90,000 in student loans. Here's how she learned to pay down the debt and reduce her cost of living.

By: DailyFinance Staff    Nov 18th 2015 5:00AM

Never Buy These Used Items

Used items are great for your budget, but here are a few that you'd be better off buying new.

By: Savings Experiment Staff    Jun 22nd 2015 4:40PM

Amazon Wants to Book Your Hotel Rooms, Too

Amazon Destinations is now limited to Southern California, the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest. But Expedia and Priceline had better watch out.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    May 4th 2015 5:00AM

Cord-Cutting: The Real Story Behind the Myth

Consumers dropping cable TV services for cheaper solutions is a much-ballyhooed trend -- although it's happening in a different way than many imagine.

By: Eric Volkman    May 4th 2015 5:00AM

Wall Street This Week: GoGo Soars, Game Firms Lose

Another ascending quarter is expected from the leader in airborne connectivity, and descending quarters are seen for video game giants EA and Activision.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    May 4th 2015 5:00AM

Week's Winners and Losers: GoPro Aims, Twitter Misses

It's a good quarter for GoPro and JetBlue, a bad one for Lumber Liquidators. News of Twitter's bad quarter is leaked -- on Twitter. And Hulu snags Seinfeld.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    May 1st 2015 10:47AM

Sitcom Is the New Drama at Netflix

The leading streaming video service is taking a new slant at drumming up original content. Which means more laughs are coming your way soon.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    May 1st 2015 5:00AM

Which of These 5 Money Personality Types Are You?

People's money-management habits tend to fit into five personality categories. To reach financial peace, it helps to know where you and your partner fall.

By: Paula Pant    Apr 30th 2015 6:00AM

How to Get the Most From Your Airline Miles

Consumer Reports has analyzed 70 million passenger trips and concluded that Southwest and JetBlue often offer the best value in cashing in your miles.

By: Drew Trachtenberg    Apr 29th 2015 12:55PM