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7 Less-Known but Very Valuable Comic Books

Films based on Marvel and DC heroes have increased interest in certain rare comics. Might be worth checking your attic for one of these less-known books.

By: Tim Beyers    Jul 25th 2014 6:00AM

Norway Is Giving Disney the Cold Shoulder Over 'Frozen'

As Disney capitalizes on the huge success of "Frozen," Arendelle has invaded the Norway pavilion at Epcot in Florida. Fans of Anna and Elsa may be pleased. Norway is not.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Jul 24th 2014 2:26PM

Disney Wants You to See Dumbo Fly Again - in Live Action

You won't be shocked to hear Disney plans live-action updates for classics like "Cinderella," and "The Jungle Book." But a live-action "Dumbo" might surprise you. It shouldn't.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Jul 23rd 2014 6:00AM

Rising Food Prices Give Shoppers Indigestion

Most ingredients for a backyard barbecue are soaring in price. Droughts in California and the Midwest are largely to blame, and there's no relief in sight.

By: Drew Trachtenberg    Jul 22nd 2014 2:50PM

50 Million Reasons Why Netflix is Winning

Netflix's new milestone of 50 million streaming subscribers worldwide means it is where content makers want to be and where content watchers have to be.

By: Rick Aristotle Munarriz    Jul 22nd 2014 2:31PM