There are many benefits to signing up. If you track your investments on our site, you will have access to the My DailyFinance module, which will be your quick view into your portfolio. With your login, you'll also be able to take free financial courses and join our SavingsChallenge, our new product to help you achieve your savings goals. Our team is coming up with more benefits every day, so keep your eyes peeled for new features and enhancements.

We have chosen these two forms of authentication to keep you the most secure.

We don’t share any of your data with Facebook. This includes your portfolio. The only things that will be captured on Facebook are the DailyFinance articles and tools you share on Facebook.

At the top right corner of every page on our site, there is a Sign In/Register button, which will take you through the registration process.

Yes. Our portfolio experience is best through our smartphone app. With the DailyFinance mobile app, you can track your stock portfolio, get up-to-the-minute stock market data, along with the latest business news. The app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire devices.

Having a better life, financially is not all about investing. Our team believes that knowing your financial goals and setting a plan for yourself are equally as important. We've created various resource centers for you to explore, from our Learning Center and Retirement Center to our Tax Center. We've also got useful tools, like our financial calculators and our savings tool called the SavingsChallenge.


We've redesigned our site to provide you with better editorial features, better design and navigation and better tools. This improved experience is our first step towards fulfilling our new mission, which is to be a helpful and trusted resource for achieving a lifetime of financial success.

We’ve taken the DailyFinance that you know--we've just made it better. We hope you like our fresh look and simplified navigation. We've organized our site around the 4 key pillars for financial success: Plan, Save, Spend and Invest and we've set up each vertical with the advice, resources and tools to educate and inspire you, like our Learning Center under Plan. Here, you'll get access to free financial courses and a real-time stock simulator where you can improve your investing skills by practice trading with virtual cash.

Your full portfolio is still in the same portfolio page, but a quick view of your portfolio now lives in a consistent place, in the My DailyFinance module. The module is located in the top left of the desktop experience and in the menu bar on the mobile experience. Keep in mind you must sign in to see your portfolio.

No. Because we have fully launched to our new design, you will not be able to go back to the old experience. The new DailyFinance has been designed to improve your experience. The simplified navigation makes it easier to find the content you're looking for. The My DailyFinance module gives you a snapshot of your Portfolios and the Savings Challenge you've signed up for. Our added educational features through our LearningCenter is a great benefit as well.

The best way to view the new site is in Google Chrome. Content on our site also now adjusts seamlessly to match the size and shape of the screen of your device, whether you're on your computer, phone or tablet.

In our new navigation, Investor Center is under Invest. There, you’ll see the Market Minute front and center. This is also where you can sign up to receive our Daily Investor newsletter. Use the drop-down underneath the Market Minute video.

Although you can set up a bookmark on your computer to our Investor page, we think our re-designed main page is the ideal homepage. There, you’ll get stock market coverage, the top business news for the day, along with our Daily Must-Reads. If you have a portfolio, you’ll be able to get a quick view of that on the MyDailyFinance module on the left panel.

Portfolios and Stock Quotes

Try using the direct URL to Portfolios: http://www.dailyfinance.com/portfolios/ and follow the sign in prompts. If you are having issues signing in, double check you are entering the right credentials. If you are or having other issues, please call AOL at (855) 267-6269 between 8AM – 8PM EST, Monday – Friday for assistance.

To make our pages more secure, AOL is working to disable SSL 3.0 (a security vulnerability). Due to this change, you may not be able to login to your account on any of our properties if your browser is using SSL 3.0. Read more about it here.

Importing an index into your portfolio is not supported in our new Portfolios, but our new and improved interactive performance chart allows you to compare your portfolio against all major indexes, even international ones.

International and preferred stocks are no longer supported in our new Portfolios. However, if you had these stocks before our upgrade, you should see them in your account. Go to Edit A Portfolio and find your manual portfolio and click “Edit Holdings.” Then, click the drop-down arrow next to the Ticker name and you’ll see your transaction history. To see these stocks going forward, sync your brokerage 401K, IRA and advisor accounts to DailyFinance, which will pull in all your holdings.

When you go the Holdings tab after signing in, your default view is the Summary View, which is the old DailyFinance view. You will see all of the data points you were using to seeing: Shares, Last Price, Net Change, Avg. Cost Basis, Value, Day Gain/Loss and % Gain/Loss.

You can do this for manual portfolios. Simply go to Edit A Portfolio and select “Edit Holdings” for the manual account you wish to update. Then, click the drop-down arrow next to the Ticker name and fill in the applicable fields. Make sure to click Save.

Check your newsletter settings by going to "Edit A Portfolio" and clicking on the “My Profile” tab. You should see your email and what portfolio emails you have opted into. If you update your settings, make sure to hit Save.

With our portfolios product, you can track your investments for free and create and manage multiple portfolios. Our new features include the option to sync your brokerage, 401K, IRA and advisor accounts, access to advanced charts & comparisons, the ability to customize the investment metrics you see and much more. Check it out!

To edit a portfolio, select "Edit a Portfolio" and choose "Edit Holdings" next to the account you wish to edit. Update your information and click save.

It is all still on our stock quote pages. On the left panel on a stock quote page, you'll see a "Summary" module. Click on "Profile”, “Rates & Ratios”, “Price & Chart”, or “Financials & Filings” to get a drop down of the information you're looking for.

To help you, please tell us your issue by submitting and we will do our best to add that ticker.

The portfolios are sorted by highest value. If the values of your portfolios are the same, then you will see the portfolio you created first at the top.

International and preferred stocks are no longer supported in our new Portfolios. However, if you had these stocks before our upgrade, you should see them in your account. Go to Edit A Portfolio and find your manual portfolio and click “Edit Holdings.” Then, click the drop-down arrow next to the Ticker name and you’ll see your transaction history. To see these stocks going forward, sync your brokerage 401K, IRA and advisor accounts to DailyFinance, which will pull in all your holdings.

We have a more extensive list of portfolio FAQ’s on our new Portfolios User Guide. See them here.


The courses available in our Learning Center , brought in partnership with Wall Street Survivor, range anywhere from basic to advanced investing lessons. Each course is followed by a quiz to test your knowledge of the concepts in the lesson. Course titles include "Investment Strategies". "Finding Stock Ideas", "Investing in Startups", "Bonds for Beginners", "Professional vs Do It Yourself Investing”, among many others. We also have courses to help plan around major life events, like buying a house, buying a car or retiring.

The portfolio in the courses page is a learning portfolio. You’ll have access to fake money to trade stocks, in order to help you understand investing concepts, from basic to advanced. Once you’ve set one up, you’ll be able to use that portfolio in a stock trading game on Wall Street Survivor. The game includes a real-time market stock simulator and there’s no cost to join.

There are many benefits to logging in. These courses will track your progress in each course and the courses you’ve completed. When you’re logged in, you’ll also be able to set up and access your learning portfolio.

Savings Challenge

You’ll pick a challenge, set a goal and then create a plan by choosing a task or group of tasks to help you save money, like bringing a brown bag lunch, which can save you $7 every time you do it. Currently, we have 3 challenges to pick from: Vacation, Wedding Day, and Rainy Day, but stay tuned for new ones! Sign up here and follow the short prompts to set up your challenge and create your plan. Once you’re set up, we’ll track your savings to date and the tasks you’ve signed up for.

SavingsChallenge is here to help you and goes where you go! You can conveniently access your plan from your computer or mobile device. Once you're signed in, click "My Plan" on the top of the page to see your plan. On the left panel, you'll see your current savings, your target goal and your progress including the tasks you've pledged and the tasks you've completed. You'll also see your To-Do List, which will show your lists of tasks through the final day of your challenge. This is where you'll check off your completed tasks as well.

SavingsChallenge is not only a tool to help you save money, it is a community working to achieve their savings goals. When you sign up, you’ll join other motivated individuals who have taken the pledge to save money. You'll be able to see how fellow savers are cutting their spending and so, learn from them. Moreover, each challenge has its very own expert guide who will be blogging and offering up savings tips, like how to buy groceries for less or how to travel on a budget. They’ll encourage you as you work toward your goal!

Currently, you can sign up for only one challenge at a time.

You can edit your plan anytime. First, make sure you're signed into your account. To change the target dollar amount you want to save and the date you want to complete your challenge, go to "Settings" on the left panel and update the fields under Challenge details and hit "Save Changes." To edit any of your daily tasks, go to "My Plan" and hit "Edit Plan."

Go to "My Plan" and you'll see an "Add Task" button. You can choose from our series of pre-defined tasks. To create your own task, first choose a category to where your task belongs (i.e. Shopping, Entertainment, Food & Dining) and then hit "Add own task." To delete a task from your plan, hit "Edit Plan", find the task you want to delete and hit "Remove."

When signed in, go to "Settings" located on the left panel. Depending on your preference, select daily or weekly under email frequency and then make sure to hit "Save Changes." Our newsletters will be helpful in reminding you of the ways you've pledged to save money each day. The newsletter will also include links that take you straight to your Savings Challenge plan from your inbox. To opt-out of our newsletters, uncheck our "Send me newsletters" under email frequency and then hit "Save Changes."