15 Easy Ways to Cut Health Care Costs Without Cutting Quality

Health care is a hot topic these days, and there have been plenty of changes in how it works in this country in recent years. But one fact remains a constant: People want to get their money's worth from their medical spending. We asked several health care experts for their best advice on how you can get the maximum care for a minimum of your hard-earned cash. Here's what they told us:

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When I left Douglas Corp. my healthcae insurance stopped. If I had gotten ill I would have been wiped out financially. So out of desperation I had to start living healthy - lost weight, joined a fitness club, started bicycle cardio, cut down on high fat high cholesterol foods, took better care of my teeth, and became more safety minded. Funny thing happened - I started to feel better than I ever did in my life.
Losing my health insuarance was the best thing that ever happened to me and I never got sick.

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When did you become a compulsive liar ?

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the completely uninformed believe in death panels. completely clueless as to what hospice care is today. but lucky they do not need it.********If you believe that countries like Canada or the UK are preferable models to our own, you clearly don’t understand how their model works ( …they actually have “ rationed care”). Then you demonize insurance companies for making the same hard decisions that would simply be made by the government under national-payer. Rationing : “Everything is Free but Nothing is Readily Available” (Frogue et al, 2001)

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I am talking about hospice care.

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Hospice care is NOT " death panels". It has NO relationship to who gets treatment and who doesn't ! It's non sequitur! Hospice is for those that either received treatment that didn't cure them or they themselves denied treatment and have chosen to die on their own terms. You're ignorant, but then everyone already understands that so I digress.

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here's towel, wipe your face, cool down have a drink it's on me. (n. e. r. d.) your anger makes you veer all over the place.

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It’s dumbfounding that people believe we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication put somehow belief it to be entirely affordable to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.

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With an aging and growing population and over a decade of two wars, the demand for health care is soaring. Toss in unhealthy lifestyles, obesity, and stress related health conditions (the consequence of economic issues — e.g. loss of income, debt, foreclosures, etc.) and the situation is exacerbated. Further, every single person in the country, at some point in time, is going to demand services from the healthcare system. Be it providing prenatal care, signing a death certificate, and everything between, everyone will be attended by a physician at one time or another. And, this is the crux of the matter. The number of physicians feeding their respective systems determines the number of hospitals that can survive, the number of prescriptions written, the quantity of medical devices and supplies purchased, and, more importantly, the number of patients that can be adequately served. And here is the sad truth. Of the 34 OECD nations, the US ranks 27th in the number of physicians per 1,000 (behind Slovenia) with 2.5 versus the OECD average of 3.2. To make matters worse, we rank 29th in medical graduates per 100,000 (behind Turkey) with 6.5 versus the OECD average of 10.6. With increasing demand — we are adding one net person to the population every 14 seconds — and limited supply, and the fact that the physician population drives the entire healthcare system, it is of little surprise that healthcare costs are out of control. The healthcare available is rationed by price — where demand exceeds supply, competition is not a factor. Why is the VA healthcare system foundering? Same reason, there are not enough physicians to go around. Additional pressure is added by where these physicians choose to practice. Washington D.C. has 1 licensed physician for every 63.4 residents; Texas, at the other extreme, has one for every 379. 2 residents.. Want to solve the problem? Make increasing the physician population a national priority and do whatever is necessary to achieve it. In 2012 about 25% of the licensed physician population in the U.S. was not “home grown” but imported from another country. Want to point a finger at someone? What body determines how many physicians will be trained and allowed to practice? It is not the government.

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Of course government payment cuts to physician's and hospitals will remedy this shortage. In the ensuing years, one better brush up on their Mandarin, Korean, Hindi and Spanish if they want to understand their AMERICAN doctor.

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The best way to save on health care is to avoid doctors at all costs. I am 42 years old, and other than an appendectomy which ran me $4500, I have never needed a doctor for anything. I never bought health insurance. I never feared the unknown. My friend who is a soda truck delivery driver for 7up pays through the nose for insurance, and his wife has a fatty tissue near a gland in her face which isn't threatening her life, just making her put on weight. The medical people have made her take over 8 different tests which my friend has to pay 50% for... The hospitals are just raping his insurance and my friend for all they can get.. They would have been smarter to go to Mexico and have the surgery already.

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Obamacare has lined up the medical field to get paid very well jerking patients around instead of helping them.

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The medical insurance companies, the con-artist, and attorneys that sue over every item are the major cause of the high price of medical care as it has forced doctors to test for everything, evertime.

Add to this the Free Enterprise For Profit Hospitals and Medical Facilities that have to advertise nealy daily, and have to purchase the 'latest and greatest' equipment every six months, are also a major reason for high medical cost.

The add the greed of the Medical Colleges to the mix..

We need to go to the VA system, a Single Payer System that supplies some of the best medical care in the universe.

Wake up America, WAKE UP.... please....

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the con-artist, and attorneys that sue over every item are the major cause****** Look out mac, you're disparaging one of the largest groups of liberal Obama supporters in the country, ambulance chasing trial attorneys !

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Very poor advice, as a small cut can result in a major loss of a limb; and small cough can result in an epidemic; and we are all only one slip away from medical disaster.

Wake up America, WAKE UP.... please...

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The best way to cut your health costs in America Inc is to cut your throat

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You start first.

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The statement "Death panels are helping to save billions. " shows that the author of it has NO CLUE as to what he or she is speaking. Doctors and other health care people, including Public and Private Nursing facilities and Social Workers have for decade advocated for 'end of life' consul. Everyone has the choice of wanting to live or to die, when instituted.

The PP&ACA contained a section that allowed an insurance company to do the right thing and offer 'end of life' consul, which is nothing more than a 'talk' between the possibly dieing person and his or her medical guardian. A talk that may contain a dialog of care, procedures, possible results, life expectency, and therefore helps in making the decision to suffer the medical consequences or join one's god or relatives in the hearafter.

See Living wills and advance directives for medical decisions - ...

www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/.../in.../living-wills/art-20... - Similar to Living wills and advance directives for medical decisions - ...

Living wills and other advance directives are written, legal instructions regarding your preferences for medical care if you are unable to make decisions for ...

Wake up America, WAKE UP.... please...

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These ads that pose as article are written by young shills and trolls for the site

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. Cutting payor reimbursement does reduce the bill paid by insurers and lowers providers’ revenues, but it does nothing to reduce the actual costs of delivering care. Obamacare’s goal is to end company provided insurance and end the shell game of subsidizing and we are faced with the hard decision of rationing care. Whether free market delivery, based on who can afford it (the health care delivery system mankind has used for all but the last 50 years), or to ‘ration’ based on age, sex, life expectancy, etc.( 50% of healthcare services is consumed by 5% of the population) The only serious debate with government controlled healthcare is over where that rationing occurs. Insurance companies are demonize for making the same hard decisions that would simply be made by the government. Decisions will formerly made by the private market and not palatable to the electorate, (saying you that can afford to, will get health care, you that can’t will simply have to die) will now be made by the government to FORCE everyone to accept a rationed health care market. The proper goal for any health care delivery system is to improve the value delivered to patients. Value in health care is measured in terms of the patient outcomes achieved per dollar expended.

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Leroy Gd

vote out the socialist democratic party maggots as soon as you can. That will save the working people money. The 47% parasites will have to start taking care of themselves.

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I am on two medications which recently came out in generics. I was told by my pharmacist that it generally takes Medicare at least six months to recognize the generics. Why get the generic if the brand name costs the same amount? Or, why can't Medicare operate like an efficient organization as do as everyone says -- ie, allow patients to save money by switching to generics.

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You only have to look to the George W. Bush Administration that passed a law that Medicare may NOT negotiate for lower prices with the drug manufacturers...

Wake up America, WAKE UP.... please...

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One program that has been successfully working for ten years is Medicare Part D. Part D is a widely popular, bipartisan program that has been saving Americans money since its inception in 2003, when it was created as part of the Medicare Modernization Act to cover the drug coverage gap that that existed in Medicare’s plan. Under Part D, which is run on a free enterprise model, seniors choose from a wide variety of privately run drug plans that negotiate individually with drug makers.

Part D is the most cost-effective and successful entitlement program the federal government runs. The Part D prescription drug benefit has subsidized costs of prescriptions drugs for millions of seniors and Americans with disabilities. In fact, it was recently announced that more than 6.6 million people with Medicare have saved more than $7 billion on prescription drugs as a result of Part D – or about $1,000 per Medicare recipient.

This news marks just the latest indication of the program’s ongoing success, and was followed by a USA Today article published last week, which revealed that Medicare Part D premiums will remain stable, and the deductible will fall from $325 to $310 in the upcoming year.

I see that you've been reading liberal bumper stickers again Mac…..dunce

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16: just die already.

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