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Ways to Salvage Overripe Fruit

Ways to Salvage Overripe Fruit
Did you know you can squeeze extra savings out of spoiled fruit? Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your producer.

Take lemons, for example. Just because they've gone bad, doesn't mean that they've completely gone to waste. Ants, roaches, and fleas actually hate the smell of lemons.

So, if you've got a pest problem, just place small slices of lemon peel on windowsills, in doorways, and near any cracks or holes. The scent is enough to drive those critters away.

Lemons can also be used to remove mineral deposits that build up in your tea kettle. All you have to do is fill it up with water, add a handful of thin lemon-peel slices and bring to a boil. Afterwards, let it sit for an hour, drain and rinse, and your kettle will be as good as new.

Lastly, lemons are excellent stain removers. Just rub half a lemon on the stain and allow the garment to sit overnight.

So, when you can't turn lemons into lemonade, use these tips to cash in on their other fruitful benefits.

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