8 Old Wives' Tales That Are Stopping You From Getting Rich

Words have power, and focusing on the wrong ones can keep you from reaching real wealth.

If words create thoughts, and thinking directs sets choice and action, then most people have been brainwashed into financial mediocrity. At least, that's what Steve Siebold, author of the book "How Rich People Think," argues. He's spent the last 30 years conducting 1,200 interviews with millionaires and billionaires to understand what they know and do that most people don't.

Siebold told DailyFinance that "the masses are programmed from an early age" to think in ways that prevent them from doing better. One of the more pervasive forms, according to him, are folksy sayings that people take to heart when they should also be taking it to head for a rational analysis. Here are eight dangerous platitudes that could be keeping you exactly where you have been.

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