7 Simple Habits to Save a Pretty Penny (or $100)

By Joshua Rodriguez

The concept of saving money is a very interesting one to many people. The reality is we all want to spend $3 instead of $5, right? Today, we're going to talk about seven things you can do to trim the fat when it comes to excessive spending.

There are tons of ways to save money out there.

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Unfortunately, just about everyone is facing some form of debt. That can be mortgages, car payments, student loans, any number of things. The goal has to be to pay those off, even if it takes a long time. You don't want debts like those hanging over your head when you get close to retiring. At http://www.mutualfundstore.com/financial-obligations-debt, you can find out how those debts could impact your financial health. I know it's not easy, but you have to at least try.

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I would advocate making smarter choices in your financial life in general to save more over time. This means cutting back on regular expenses, and setting up an automatic savings program to immediately take the money out of your bank account and into harder to reach accounts like 401ks and IRAs. Personally, here is a change that I made that has been quite fruitful over the past 8 months.
I have a wife and two beautiful kids, and I want them to be safe if something happens to me. I regret to say that some fancy "advisor" sold me a whole life insurance policy about 4 years ago that I have been paying $287 a month for. After some research, and watching shows like David Ramsey I decided that I would be better off cashing it in for its value (not a lot) for some Term. insurance instead. I got the same coverage from a policy at LifeAnt for $27 a month, and I save the difference to my 401k at work (and I get a 4.5% match.) If you haven't heard of buying term and saving the difference watch Suzey Orman sometime its pretty crazy what it saves and they recommend it a lot on their show.

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Right. cut back on food, health care, utilities and just go live in tent cities. This is crazy and is an example of how ignorant Americans are.

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You are running around with your head cut off like a chicken. the problem is the system of capitalism and you will never find individual solutions to social problems. Your kids are doomed to a life of militarization and debt

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People cannot even pay their one trillion dolalrs in debt in credit cards let alone the trillion in student loans. Savings? Are you crazy? Debt is the economy of Americans

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