12 Ways to Save Greenbacks by Going Green

By Cameron Huddleston

How are you going green to help protect the planet -- and help your wallet? That's right -- you can save money by reducing your energy consumption and water use, limiting greenhouse gas emissions and keeping more waste out of landfills. Here's how:

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Mozilla Forefox browser allows you to block all of the AOL videos, popups and related trash

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The article do not make any sense at all for people like me.,since I have always used well rated appliances and the best insulation money can buy,i always keep my property clean and take a shower every day...and there are lots of crooks in the green racket

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It's cold here today so I have a big fire in the fireplace ! Going out to take a ride today in my hummer ! Having a prime rib roast tonight than taking a LONG HOT shower...Averone have a nice day.... I sure will...

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Going green takes a lot of worry and stress out of your life. Ride a bike for errands - no gas sign stress, no seatbelt gestapo with quotas, no traffic jams, no road rage.
If you must drive, use Mapquest t plan the shortest route.
Dry your clothes on a clothes line.
Drape a Visqueen barrier over the lower shelves of your fridge so the cold air doesn't pour out when you open the door for a drink.
Add butterfly heatsinks to the fridge condenser coils.
Get a fridge thermometer and monitor the temp.
Do most of your roasts and pies in the winter to use the oven waste heat to warm your house.

In the summer opt for short hairstyles to be cooler, and use less hotwater, shampoo, and A/C watts.
A higher SEER rated appliance will pay for itself in two years.
Use switchablepower strips on tvs computers, cell phone chargers, set top boxes, etcetera.
These parasitic devices don't draw high watts but they do it 24/7 or 744 hours a month. Plus they'll last longer if let them cool off.

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Some good tips, here's a few more:

--reset your hot water heater to the lowest setting that will provide enough hot water for the entire family. You may have to play with this and, if you live up north, raise your setting in the winter. Make sure you adjust BOTH thermostats.

--only change light bulbs you use a lot. Don't waste money buying expensive bulbs for lights you only use a few minutes a day. And don't forget--many of these bulbs are not dimmer ready.

--find the shortest/lowest dryer setting that dries your clothes and then stops. Most dryer cycles run well past the point where the clothes are actually dry.

--put a bottle of water in the far right side of your fresh food section of the fridge, top shelf, and if it ices at all raise your thermostat setting. By the same token, if your icemaker has a tendency to solidify into a block at the bottom, you may need to lower the thermostat. Or in an older fridge your defrost terminator switch may have gone bad. Don't forget to occasionally clean your condenser coil.

(just some tips from a guy who spent 40 years as a building services professional)

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