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Earn Extra Money for Being a Pet Lover

Did You Know: Earn Extra Money for Being a Pet Lover
Did you know that a little dog-sitting can earn you up to thousands each year? Here's how to make your love of animals work for you.

If you love pups, using your home as a pet boarding service can be simple and free. To get started, head over to, a website that connects dog owners with reliable, in-home hosts.

Sign in and create your profile, where you can specify your availability, nightly rate and cancellation policy. It's that simple.

Getting paid is easy, too. After every successful booking, DogVacay will deduct a 15 percent service fee and deliver your payment electronically in one business day, guaranteed.

This system has earned some DogVacay hosts up to $1,000 per month, or $12,000 a year. Not bad for a little dog-sitting, and if you love pets, it's of little extra effort for you.

So, get your boarding business started and turn your big love of dogs into big dollars.

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