17 Tricks Stores Use To Make You Spend More Money


Accidentally buy much more than you intended?

You may not have been planning on it, but the store certainly was. From supermarkets to clothing boutiques, shopping hubs are carefully engineered to get you to spend the most money possible.

Want to beat retailers at their own game? Then you'd better learn how they think.

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I learned a long time ago to make a shopping list and only go down the aisles that have what I need on my list. I never go up and down all the aisles, what a waste of time and money when you buy something that you may not even use.

I worked in a retail clothing store years ago and we had to hide our "cheaper imports" at the back of the department! We never did figure out why, but if they were placed closer to the door none of the customers would look at the merchandise. Oh and back then, the profit on the so "imports" was three times what the store paid for it and only double on the other merchandise! Sure has turned around 25 years later! Now no matter what store you shop at, high end of Walmart, and Kmart, almost all merchandise is imported from some country that uses sweat shops to make the clothing. We have a very high end store in my area where I went with a friend to shop. I was looking for a new winter coat and everyone of the coats I looked at was made in some foreign country, China, India, you name it and they had them. The thing that bothered me the most was the fact that in order to find a coat that would fit me, I had to put on a coat that was two sizes larger than I wear, and even that did not fit properly. Then I looked at the price and said, "Nope!"

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Incorrect prices are being labled at all Wal Marts. The shelf price is higher at check out, if you bring it to their attention you have to go to returns to retrive you nickle or dime and the lines are so long you don't, thats what they count on. They say they will correcy the item, but if you go back the next day it's still the same.

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There\'s more than that. When I saw the sign \"Alwaysthe Lowest Price\" I started doing my grocery shopping in Wal Mart. At the end of the month my card bill was $100.00 more than usual. Where did the 100 bucks go - so I combed through everything and sure enough it went to Wal Mart. Mixed into the low prices are traps . In my old store laundry detergent was $3.99 same in Wal Mart is $6.99 Anything with sugar in it is spiked and same with produce - add up the three dollars here two dollars there etcetera and at the end of the month it\'s a hundred bucks more. No mystery where they get the billions in profits from.

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It is George Bush\'s fault!

January 14 2014 at 5:47 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

its Obamas fault lol

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You probably blame Bush.

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