14 Money Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

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2013 has drawn to a close, and 2014 is a new chance for you to get your finances into shape. But even though a soaring stock market and a strengthening economic recovery have helped millions of Americans get back on their feet, you still can't afford to let financial mistakes cost you money that you could otherwise use to spend or invest.

Let's look at 14 areas where people are most likely to make expensive money mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them.

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The biggest mistakes all involve spending money you don't have... Some more tips -
1) Use GasBuddy for gas.. I can usually fill up my Civic for like $14 if I do it right
2) Use 4AutoInsuranceQuote for insurance... my rates are only $33/month for full coverage
3) (might be obvious) Always look for coupons before you make purchases online or offline.

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I think back to the 60s and maybemy savings account paid about 5% at the local bank. Now I get about .oo1%. I let them hold my money and they loan it to sombody t around 12% depending on the type of loan. My sons are really in debt and that's how you survive today if you aren't independly wealthy. I don't carry much debt because in the early 70s we lived from check to check and that went on almost all my life. Since I never had much, you just keep streching those dollars. I feel for the young people today because it keeps getting worse. My house in 72 cost $19,005.00 but today you couldn't buy the lot for that today. One son figures he can't get enough together for a good down payment so he has resigned to pay rent and let the owners fix it when something breaks. If you can find the right thing to invest in, take a shot at it. We inherited stock but took a beating on it when the market went down and it's hasn't come back much so be carefull. The little guy struggles while the CEO lives the high life off the employees back. If you're young get some life insurance to help the family if you go early and try to get as much as you can afford into an IRA. Good luck youngsters.

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I can't understand why certain stocks aren't trading 7 days like the retail stocks ect. The products are being sold 7 days a week and the stores are open 7 days so where are the traders? What your going to give your opinion for only 5 of the 7 days?

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You can save money just buy not buying expired food at the big box store. Should you find expired produtcs you want to share the knowledge with everyone in the store by using the Intercom/paging system directing everyone to the aisle where the food was found. :)

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how about get rid of ALL debt?

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Do not get into debt.

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If you go to Walt Disney World, it's less expensive to stay in Titusville which is at the center of it all:
Playa Linda Beach, Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral cruises, Kennedy Space Center/IMAX, Police Hall of Fame, Valiant Air Command, Astronauts Memorial. Indian River Fishing, Lee Travinos Golf Course, Titusville Marina, Everglades Airboat ride,and so much it could take a year to see and do all of it.

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If you go to Virginia you can visit my relatives statue you know Brigadier General Williams Carter W ?

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Voting for any Democrat is the worst money mistake you can make.

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Obummer the Democrat via collusion with the Fed Clown have generated more more Greeder wealth than all the Greeder scams combined to date. So if your a 1%'er you should be happy with the Democrat.

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today there is no difference between dems and reps. The only different entity is the Tea Party which is why the reps are going after them like there is no tomorrow.

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How many pc of stock should a person carry?

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