Real People Fess Up To Their Biggest Money Mistakes

Real people fess up
Arka D.,
Getting your finances in order can sometimes feel like going on a grueling new diet.
There are some bad money habits we just can't seem to drop.

On a recent Reddit thread, candid consumers answered this question: "What's the biggest mistake you repeatedly made before you got your finances in order?"

Here are some of our favorite responses, along with tips on how to avoid them yourself.

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11) voting for liberal democrats

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\"bareing gifts ?\"-Unwrapped & naked ?????????

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I be surprised if an officer even looks or reply or resolve any issues but here is my nightmare.

I ve been with sprint for over 10 years.. same plan, and insurance, and just on second phone. and lost it. I go to sprint store to replace it with insurance...easy... nope... a sales person at Arapaho and Parker Denver, said i could save $50 deductible if i get the home service connect 2 and a two year contract and lower my phone bill by $10 and it will be exactly like my home office phone service and better...WOW.. naaa just give me my replacement....I said just try it and you can return it in 14 days." Nary said.".. well ok and if I dont you will change every thing back to what I have...? Yes ... 3 day set up and youll be good... A week goes by... i take every thing back I said here.. can I just get a replacement phone.. oh we can set it up now... wha?? but you couldnt do it 7 days ago.. ?? well take all home again... people calling me sound like they are speaking through a mega phone caller ID..... And I cant Fax.... Few days later take every thing back to store.... I asked If I could Have a replacement Phone and return all this stuff...Sure you can Said Cole at the Arapahoe /Parker road store in Denver co . so i will need my replacement phone... Oh you need to do that with the mean I could have done this two weeks ago? well you wanted the home I didnt... I told Cole I will be with out a phone for three days if I turn these phones in.. cole said to hang on to them both till you get your replacement...what cost me $50 ... it shows up 7 days later... What I had was a z400 military phone I paid $500 for... they sent me a POS that the battery cover didnt even fit... took every thing back to store.. ok lets return every thing and look what the insurance sent me... they laugh... oh funny uh...

well lets credit my account for this stuff and move on.. we cant do that...Wha??? your past the 14 day return....$200 termination on home phone and $200 on cell that came with it... I said I was here to return it. you told me to keep it... sorry... your over the 14 day.... youll have to get a return packet for them on line... Whaa??

Heres the catch.. Im stuck with sprint two cell phones and Paying twice as much for internet.... Dont know whos calling cant understand what people are saying , cant fax, for 2 yrs . what service... or has some one got a brain there? Call leave a message 303 766 0267 . If I can under stand the garbl

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What are you writing? A book? Too long.

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Tom Harrell

"Beware of GEEKS bareing GIFTS".

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