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Leah Nash/Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Lucia Mutikan

WASHINGTON -- U.S. business inventories rose in April, but with goods taking longer to sell, businesses could slow their pace of stock accumulation to prevent an unwanted piling up of merchandise.

The Commerce Department said Thursday inventories increased 0.3 percent after edging down 0.1 percent in March. The rise was in line with forecasts.

Inventories are a key component of changes in the nation's gross domestic product. Retail inventories, excluding autos rebounded 0.4 percent. That followed a 0.7 percent fall in March.

Inventories added more than half a percentage point to first-quarter GDP growth, which advanced at a 2.4 percent annual rate. Estimates for growth in the April-June period currently range below a 2.0 percent pace.

Business sales fell 0.1 percent in April after declining 1.2 percent the prior month. At April's weak sales pace, it would take 1.31 months for businesses to clear shelves.

That was the highest inventories to sales ratio since October 2009 and was up from 1.30 months in March.

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The Paterfamilia

Page 3
The fact that Computers sites are effectively being hacked and they ARE garnering of ALL Information contained on EVERYONES Hard Drives... How can we trust a Government that was only days ago passing High Powered Weaponry right across our own Borders into Mexico? Out of the other side of their mouths complain need reinforced and promote Legislation against our Immigration Policies because of violence spilling over? Let me see... The NSA is not about National Security as much as it is for increasing Military Spending and forming a Police State. In short, SUPPRESSION and HUMAN EXPLOITATION continued thru these things...

AND, this is just here in America, while our CIA is not even supposed to be Domestic, if "We The People" can't control them here where they don't belong, the FBI under their coat tails and every Local Police Department training SWAT (Counter Intelligence), larger towns Implementing Helicopter Attack training (Down Town LA) and who knows how many Drones possibly now armed above your home now?

I'm just a Ole' Grandpa who remembers much better days, I hope whoever sets the people free!!!

June 13 2013 at 3:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
The Paterfamilia

Page 2
I spent 10 Minutes of thought just to write these four items of concern and am sure I missed the most important ones. Personally, I know that 5,000 Patents A YEAR, mostly just for Energy Related Innovations at the United States Patent Office have been Classified by the NSA, many called DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES to protect Wall Street. WHAT ABOUT MAIN STREET? It is a push button world where much of our economic plight is in fact BECAUSE OF THE SKIMMING of TECHNOLOGY and the loss of our "FREE MARKET" in this process. Less expensive and cleaner technology being released to the Public Consumers may very well fix this problem...

Andrea Rossi, a Physicist who has worked on the highly criticized LENR Effect that Ponds and Fleishman introduced at BYU in Utah way back in 1989 has had a 3rd Party Verification of this much disputed Technology. Again, a Peer Review Study has been Published by Cornell University, with a detailed PDF available at the following study. I might advise that a book was wrote by a Professor at MIT where the Ponds and Fleishman was first studied. From Fire to Ice, I believe, by Eugene Mallove, a Physicist who was very soon after beaten to death in his Parents home.

This innovation is being built in third world countries, by Independent Companies like in Greece and Turkey, but violence has broken out in the streets because of Economic Austerity being imposed. Hence, Disruptive Technology whereas the Powers seem to be protecting the wealthy From advancements... Maybe the NSA is more worried about "We The People" finding out of such things that our Main Stream Media has Blacked Out or simply refuse to report on because of their Wall Street Affiliations?

I could think of 10 more things in a half an hour, I challenge you to add to this list... NASA has admitted that LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) have great potential, but over the years they have found several other Energy Harvesting methods too. One main thing I might point out is that Main Stream Media is working overtime avoiding these issues. Their spending most of the time discussing Cell Phone call Data Bases regarding this NSA Expose. Brainwashing viewers that this is about a simple transfer of Call Dates and Times without reference to massive breaches of Written text Documents Online. This might all be a way to deflect the spread of the Scientific and Economic Paradigm Shift relating to what is being Disclosed currently...

June 13 2013 at 3:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
The Paterfamilia

Regarding the NSA (National Security Act) Whistle-Blower vs. Leaker Headline Labels

Number 1. Until a Fair Court is held, Labeling a source as a "Leak" rather than a Whistle Blower is not impartial reporting... The Law of the land is "Innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. This wouldn't be News if it was known and our Congressmen would not be quickly being briefed if they knew either. This is a intentional misuse of terms to corrupt Public Debate by "Main Stream Media" and all others who use it should reconsider that Label as slanderous.

Number 2. The Constitution has no, (NONE)! Written legal clauses in it for "Secret Courts". The state secrets privilege is an evidentiary rule created by United States legal precedent. Application of the privilege results in exclusion of evidence from a legal case. Entire trials have not been held and with regard to "Secret Courts" Human Rights Violations are still pending (G W Bush Indictments for Torture, Murder and other War Crimes are on record around the World).
That said, over sight by the other branches of Government cannot take place when they have Courts that are not Transparent... The Term "Secret Court is in itself a Violation of Public Trust that is a Impeachable Offense. (JURIST Legal News and Research Services)

Number 3. The 4th Amendment of "We The People" is completely violated and already there has been Filed a Suit, brought by the ACLU to seek correction and recovery. Many Senators have stated Publicly they intend to pursue justice much in the same way at the Supreme Court Level. Rand Paul of Kentucky claims to be currently in the process of Filing actions to compel the Supreme Court in his Jurisdiction. If our Government Representatives had been truly aware of these MASSIVE INFRACTIONS of Privacy Laws this would not be taking place.

Number 4. With this level of Information being collected HOW COULD A FAIR ELECTION TAKE PLACE? Incumbents, especially those having seats on over sight Committees could target Election Opponents to that Office or Seat of Power and every Party Campaign Head Quarters would be constantly leaking negative information obtained thru biased research of the mined Data. All Campaign Strategies would be getting rendered thru them both by Pro and Con accesses causing perpetual gridlock.

June 13 2013 at 3:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply