How to Attend Prom Without Spending a King's Ransom

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From tickets to dresses and tuxedos to shoes, hair appointments, a limo, and dinner, the costs of prom continue to rise.

A new study by Visa reveals that American families are paying an average of $1,139 per prom-goer in 2013, up from $1,078 in 2012. Costs for the big night vary widely by region. Those in the Midwest will pay an average of $722, families in the West will pay approximately $1,079, attendees in the Southern states will pay just over $1,200, and those in the Northeast will pay a whopping $1,528.

The survey also found that households earning less than $50,000 a year will spend over $100 more on prom than families whose income was higher. But an even more surprising contrast is between single parents and married ones: Single-parent households expect to lay out $1,563, nearly twice the $770 that married parents say they'll spend.

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It\'s too late for this year, but parents can also talk to the school to be involved with prom planning. At the school my kids went to several changes were made to protect prom goers, but they also reduced the cost. The kids meet at the school and take a bus to the prom. After the prom they are returned to the school. It might not be as much fun as a limo and hotel, but there havent\' been any problems with drunk driving or wild parties in a hotel. Other money saving tips: Many hair salons ofter group discounts. My daughters used a hot glue gun to add decoration to inexpensive shoes. They also added trim to plain discount store dresses. My youngest daughter is a talented seamstress and she made money decorating her friends\' dresses.

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