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Despite America's egalitarian ideals, there's a dearth of students from low-income high schools attending our elite colleges and universities. As DailyFinance senior writer Bruce Watson explains, part of the problem is that these students lack resources at their schools that would let them know a top college was an option; as a result, even the brightest are unaware of the opportunities available to them.

However, with elite schools clustered around urban areas, is geography preventing students from achieving what they could? Do they even realize that they can get the same funding available to fellow students in the rest of the country? ​Watch the rest of the discussion in the videos below.

Getting Low-Income Students Into Elite Schools Finance Writer on College-Funding Disparity

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Rich or poor, of any ethnicity or religion, you have 1) be self-motivated, 2) have total family support that includes appreciation for education, and 3) good counselors, teachers and staff in preK through 12 that work to provide a fair education and opportunities to all. I am a Mother and retired educator that has seen many a student be passed over because he or she was not from an elite or middle class background. My own child's lazy @$$ high school counselor did nothing to assist in the college quest process, then had the nerve to try to take credit for all of the college acceptances, including an Ivy League admission. That woman had to be silenced by me going to school and system administrators. The non-worker probably has renewed the lie, since we no longer live in that city or state. There are academic, need-based and ethnic funds out there, so do apply. P.S. That this is the day of Latinos is old news that my own college freshman orientation instructor predicted about forty years ago. It was based on population trends-nothing else.

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oh please with the SCATOLOGY.
get rid of the QUOTAS and tHAT LITTLE BOX that you check for your race.


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1 reply to setanta54s_back's comment

Actually, the article was about low-income students not pursuing the *same* aid available to other students—e.g. not affirmative action funds.

Likewise, people like yourself, aren't aware that there are funds and grants available based on need instead of race. That's what the article is addressing: need-based funding.

It's really sad that a poor, but brilliant kid, lives out in West Virginia or Wyoming doesn't realize the scholarships and grants available and subsequently buys into their parent's misguided belief that, because they aren't black or brown, there's no money for them.

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1 reply to typodactyl's comment

try again--
ANY FORMS they get
has their little BOX
and latinas! get THEIR MONEY way ahead of whites,and today even ahead of black.

misguided ? FACT.
and living over in west va etc IN THE INTERNET AGE and DEFINITELY their schools ARE WIRED
and being uninformed makes no sense at all.


there wasn't s a dime for graduates WITHIN NYC THAT WERE WHITE and resided within a LARGE FAMILY with 2 incomes coming in to PAY the tuitions for THE OTHER children and help support the PARENTS that BEING our parents ETC OVERSEAS.
they DO NOT TAKE THAT INTO CONSIDERATION. and NEVER DID take into consideration the simple FACT that people still WORK,pay bills AND EVEN support THE EXTENDED FAMILY of their parents etc.

if they're soooooooooooooooo smart and gifted HOW COME THEY cannot turn on a computer and do A SEARCH ?

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