Despite Stock Market Gains, Workers Worry About Retirement

workers worry about retirement savings

The stock market has climbed back to a record high, but workers remain pessimistic about having enough money for retirement. The Employee Benefit Research Institute's annual retirement confidence survey shows nearly half of workers have little or no confidence that they'll have a financially comfortable retirement.

Here's a look at some of the findings from the 23rd annual survey released Tuesday:

Respondents who are very confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement: 13 percent
  • Somewhat confident: 38 percent
  • Not too confident: 21 percent
  • Not at all confident: 28 percent
Percentage of workers identifying the following issues as the most pressing concerns that most Americans face, followed by the percentage of retirees identifying that issue:
  • Job uncertainty: 30 percent, 27 percent
  • Making ends meet: 12 percent for both groups
  • The budget deficit and government spending: 8 percent, 14 percent
  • Paying for health insurance and medical expenses: 9 percent, 10 percent
  • The economy: 8 percent, 6 percent
  • Taxes: 8 percent, 5 percent
  • Making mortgage payments: 8 percent, 4 percent
  • Saving for retirement: 2 percent, 4 percent
Percentage of workers reporting that they could definitely come up with $2,000 if an unexpected need arose within the next month, followed by the percentage of retirees:
  • 50 percent, 52 percent
Percentage who could probably come up with $2,000:
  • 20 percent, 17 percent
Percentage who could probably or definitely not come up with $2,000:
  • 28 percent for each group

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