5 Ways Rich People Think Differently From the Rest of Us

Rich people think different
After three decades of interviewing self-made rich people, Steve Siebold, author of "How Rich People Think," has come to the conclusion that well-to-do people have views about money that are "polar opposite" to those that middle-class people hold.

"Rich people see money as freedom and opportunity instead of as the root of all evil," says Siebold. "We're taught that money is the root of all evil, so why would we want to acquire something that we have a general disdain for?"

Siebold's book reveals 100 differences between middle-class people and self-made millionaires. We asked him to share some ways that rich people think differently than those of us with less money in the bank.

Here are five examples:

Michele Lerner is a Motley Fool contributing writer.

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1 reply to Blue Ballz03's comment

blue ballz not everyone is the same. some have different reasons for pursuing wealth, and those aren't always for personal desire. thanks for adding to the fire of hatred for your fellow Americans just trying to survive though.

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Terri L Clay

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Terri L Clay


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Terri L Clay

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