AT&T, Union Reach Tentative Agreement on Benefits

AT&TWASHINGTON -- AT&T (T) is announcing a tentative agreement on wages, pensions and other benefits for more than 20,000 of its unionized workers.

The four-year agreement covers members of the Communications Workers of America in 36 states and the District of Columbia. AT&T is not disclosing the details of the agreement until it has been presented to union workers.

The CWA confirmed in a separate statement Saturday that an agreement had been reached, but is declining to provide details.

The agreement, which must be ratified by union members, covers wages, pensions, disability and work rules. The union negotiates health care benefits separately.

AT&T is based in Dallas, Texas.

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When I started with MA Bell in the mid-60's, we made low wages and no healthcare until 6 years of service. The system was built on the backs of people like me. I advanced into management and was downsized after 26 years. My pension was subsequently migrated to Lucent during the down sizing era of the 90's. Management was left with nothing but a frozen pension with no cost of living. I was a member of CWA during my 'craft' years. The union represented hourly employee were treated very nicely compared to there management counterparts. Including my wife a retired service representative, whose pension is over twice mine for 3 years fewer service.

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1 reply to Rod's comment

Hey maybe your mistake was going management. Your experience is exactly why we need unions. You thought you could rely on the kindness of the corporation? You are not alone. I myself thank goodness I had a union job for half of my working years. For my non- union work years - I got laid off along with 39 other people who had reached a comfortable salary level, despite the fact that we had forgone raises for two years. Being of a certain age, and the state of the economy I was unable to resituate. I am out of the game now but say this: God bless the unions. God damn the corporate entities - greedy pigs at a trough.

February 26 2013 at 12:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This is not the same ATT from the 70's & was force to split in the 80's. This ATT has absorbed other companies after the BIG split. Some of those companies were anti-union and used underhanded methods to control union employees. ATT was cannabalized and kept the familiar name (AT&T) because of its' worldwide market. I worked for ATT in the 70's, and when it re-acquired the other baby Bells I was still there. This new ATT is all about making money (like most corp.) and customer service is on the back burner. CWA has grown weaker by being asleep at the wheel when these mergers came about. A union should fight for its' members and set precedents, through out the contract years not just at the bargaining table. CWA needs to stop being like Gumby and get a backbone and stand up for its' members. If not, they'll be the door mat for this generation of members, instead of a door to great opportunities. Big Brothers Ivory Tower used to be in Atlanta, now it's in Dallas...see the mentality, just look the politics of those come out of Texas.

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1 reply to DeArtis's comment
Relevant Data

I thought with unions it was all about making money. But now I learn from a union man that it is the company he works for and all corps that are the only ones wanting to make money. So silly me, I goofed again it seems. Thank for the ah lesson. I thought labor strikes was all about unions wanting more money but now after being enlighted by your fine post that it must be the companies that lock out the employees for a week or more just so they don't have to pay them.

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i worked for At&t for 15 years paid union dues out of each pay check and was let go because of so called reductions in staff. with absolutely NO action to help me find another position within the company. the union did not know i was let go until 30 days after. Why do people pay union dues and have nothing to show for 15 years?

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UNION what a joke what a bunch of worthless lazy bums They dont know what real work means. Unions are the reason why nothing is made in America anymore. They want 60 dollars and hour and benefits just to mop a floor .I have been around the union all my life and i come from union territory . WHAT A JOKE. THANK YOU GREEDY UNION FOR DESTROYING AMERICA. YOU ARE ALL THE REASON WHY THE ECONOMY IS SO JACKED UP. ONE DAY EVERY OTHER MANUFACTOR IS GOING TO CALL YOUR LAZY ASSES BLUFF LIKE HOSTESS DID . OVERPAID LAZY WORTHLESS ASSES. I CANT PICK UP A SHOVEL BECAUSE THAT IS NOT MY JOB. NON UNION WORKERS ARE THE ONES WHO KEEP AMERICA GOING .

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3 replies to robertvanlaningh's comment

I left At&t 15 yrs ago,went to SNET, they were bought out by SBS. And low and behold SBC was bought out.... you guessed it AT&T. What happened to Monopolies???????

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HMMM We had AT&T phones and internet at work. Multiple lines, poor internet quality. They kept charging us for things we didnt order and sent us stuff we didnt order. Phones 3 lines and internet were costing us nearly 500.00 dollars. When Charter cable contaced us and told us they now have service in our area we switched to them. 190.00 dollars a month with MUCH better internet! I guess Charter is non-union and as we can see AT&T is. And I can tell you AT&T sales and service reps are the most misleading and dishonest people I have ever met!

February 24 2013 at 9:44 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

As a represented retired AT&T employee I agree that the retirees lost alot of benefits we had when we were working. We lost over half of our life insurance benefit that was given to us after hiring on. Now we are being charged a premium for health ins,also 146.00 a month for spouse. AT&T refused to negotiate retirees benefits saying retirees get what they get.All of this for 31 years working for the company.

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All smart people have unions and associations representing them. The AARP represents senior citizens. The Trail Lawyers Association represents the best interests of lawyers. The Realtors Assoc. represent the interests of realtors. The Manufacturers Assoc., The Bankers Assoc. The Insurance Industry Assoc., The Farmers Assoc. The Cattleman's Assoc, The American Medical Assoc., The Lumberman's Assoc. The Democratic and Republican Party etc. all these organizations represent the best interests of their members. Only complete fools have no union or association fighting for their best interests or representing them. Big Business spends over $10 billion per year on Lobbyists to represent their best interests..

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2 replies to sgentilejr's comment

There are no smart people, just greedy ones.

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1 reply to Ferrisms's comment

@Ferrisms - Does your statement include or exclude YOU?

February 24 2013 at 9:20 AM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down

Finially a post that makes sense about what is going on in this country.

February 24 2013 at 5:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

jonclong you are full of it, I dont believe one word! the union got you fired? mabe you are just a kiss ass that thought you should be rewarded for sticking your head up the bosses arse while others did the work, part of a unions job is to protect working people from company suck asses like you that talk the talk but dont walk the walk

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1 reply to Rob's comment

Rob I voted your comment up. it was at -1 and still is at the moment I write. It is apparent that this feature is non functional. At anyrate I agree with you. There is a lot of this ******* up going on in the work place. Bosses are so damn naive and self centered they believe the crap the suck ups come at them with. We used to witness FLAGRANT lack of professionalism and tardiness and all matter of incompetence forgiven IF you were a member of the ball washing club.

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