Marion Blakey, International Coordinating Council of AIAWASHINGTON -- Sequestration, sequestration, sequestration -- that was the one note the Aerospace Industries Association struck over and over at its biggest annual public event.

Flanked by AIA's now-iconic clock counting down 27 days before the sequester destroys "two million jobs" (a disputed figure), President Marion Blakey declared: "I'm an optimist and we have to prevail." But with automatic budget cuts slated to take effect Jan. 2, unless Congress and the White House reach an increasingly unlikely deal, just how the government could forestall the sequester isn't entirely clear. Nor did Blakey endorse the bold proposal of one of its member CEOs, who wants the GOP to agree to raise corporate and individual tax rates as part of a deal.

So thoroughly did sequestration dominate the agenda that even AIA's slickly produced video presentation eschewed its normal bombast over America's superior air- and spacecraft to warn of the danger of the automatic budget cuts. Blakey got right to it.

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Do you people think we will never be attacked again? Look at history.

December 08 2012 at 9:42 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply

Their has to be common sense approach to military cuts. The military can no longer be a totally hand's off "sacred cow." Obviously, there are key programs and then there are plenty of programs that are questionable as to their necessity. By applying some common sense (a commodity in short supply these days), the powers that be SHOULD be able to tell the difference. They need to take a line by line, program by program approach. Having worked for DoD I've seen plenty of wastefulness and overcharging. This country needs to maintain it's military superiority, however, there are plenty of useless research projects and programs that aren't priorities that can be eliminated, temporarily tabled or at least reduced. We cannot and should not keep every military program open just because it may save someone their job. Also, this country can no longer afford to remain as the unpaid policeman of the planet We cannot continue to fight costly wars of occupation in countries that don't understand Western culture and are totally and morally corrupt. Places like Afghanistan just take our money and thumb their noses at us. We should have been out of there years ago. Instead we waste 100s of billions of dollars nation building with a bunch of corrupt Neaderthals. This is notwithstanding the loss of American lives that comes with the terriotry. They don't even have oil over in Afghanistan, so what is our national interest over there besides ridding the place of Islamic terrorists? And, those guys keep coming back like cockroaches anyway? Our mission should just have been kill the terrorists, send in the exterminator once in a while when and if needed, and get out.

December 07 2012 at 5:01 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply