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The Best Batteries for Your Buck

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Savings experts compare the cost of rechargeable batteries vs. disposable batteries.

Savings Experiment: Batteries
Do you use rechargeable batteries?
No.11227 (30.5%)
I've tried them, but I prefer regular batteries.8132 (22.1%)
Only for some devices.10219 (27.8%)
Yes.7173 (19.5%)
Did you find our video on rechargeable batteries helpful?
Yes, it's a great idea2502 (40.9%)
Yes, useful and entertaining1776 (29.0%)
No1841 (30.1%)
Batteries are a must when it comes to remotes, toys and more, but with their limited energy life, they can really drain your budget. Here, our experts discuss which batteries will get you the most for your money.

First, when it comes to performance, rechargeable batteries take the cake. Disposable batteries offer 1.5 volts of power, but get weaker until they're dead. Meanwhile, rechargeable batteries maintain 1.2 volts the entire time they're in use, so you'll always get peak performance.

There are many rechargeables batteries on the market, but the low self-discharge kind are your best bet. Our experts like Sanyo's Eneloop brand, which come fully charged and hold their charge for months.

When you break down the cost of disposable batteries versus rechargeable batteries, the rechargeable ones are the way to go. An 8-pack of disposable Duracell batteries costs $8, which works out to $1 per battery. However, while an 8-pack of Eneloop rechargeable batteries costs $16, or $2 per battery, you will recoup your money after three uses, even when you account for a $5 charger.

batteriesSo, when it comes to batteries, recharge to live large. Your electronics, and your wallet, will thank you.

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