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Surf for Savings on Internet Service

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Experts talk about the cheapest internet providers and how to lower your monthly costs on the service.

Savings Experiment: Internet Providers
What internet service provider do you think provides the best value?
Verizon Fios2878 (13.4%)
AT&T4702 (22.0%)
Comcast3994 (18.7%)
Time Warner Cable2703 (12.6%)
Cox1148 (5.4%)
other5983 (27.9%)
Did you find our video on internet service providers helpful?
Yes, it's a great idea1031 (28.7%)
Yes, useful and entertaining939 (26.1%)
No1628 (45.2%)
Internet service feels like a must-have for every home these days, but service costs can add up. Here's how you can get the most megabytes for your buck.

Verizon Fios offers the best connection speed out of all major providers, but it costs twice as much. AT&T, however, offers solid connection speeds and is the cheapest provider. But there are ways to lower your bill even more.

First, don't take offers at face value. Many companies lower rates initially to get you hooked, then raise them after the promotional period ends.

Next, don't hesitate to call your provider and ask them if they can improve your monthly bill. Companies don't want to lose good customers. Also, if you have service interruptions, be sure to complain. It helps to keep a log of service outages, too, so you can cite each one to your customer representative. You shouldn't have to pay for what you're not getting.

computer internet providersSo, when it comes to keeping your internet costs low, keep these tips in mind and you'll be saving a bundle on your service.

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