Watch: Biden on Iran's Nuclear Capability

Joe Biden disagrees with Paul Ryan on how to go about dealing with Iran's nuclear capabilities.

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Let me first say that if and when Iran gains nuclear capability, they will be pointing it at us and not Israel. Israel is a tiny country surrounded by Muslim nations - do you really think Iran will risk collateral damage? No, but they will have no hesitation taking out the U.S. They call us the "Great Satan" and in the Muslim world they would be considered liberators. Remove the U.S. and it will be easier to attack Israel. And that is their long term plan. Secondly, the current administration states that Iran is far from reaching the 90% - is the U.S. willing to take that chance? China, Pakistan, India and Russia all have nuclear capabilities. What is to stop them from assisting Iran in acquiring the 90%? What Israel is doing trying to block Iran is actually protecting the U.S. If Obama meets with Ahmadinejad, he will be just another Chamberlain endangering not only this country but the world. Pacifist diplomacy does not work against the enemy but for the enemy.

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