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Save a Pretty Penny by Preserving Women's Intimates

Savings Experiment: Preserving Women's Intimates These days, women's intimates can cost a pretty penny, but beyond getting in on a great sale, the key to savings is making them last longer. Here are some great tips on how to preserve your undergarments.

The first rule of thumb: Don't wash your intimates in the washing machine. Although this is the most convenient option, this method will eventually deform their shape. Instead, hand wash your underwear with a mild detergent. For extra savings, use baby shampoo, which is much cheaper than detergent.

If you must wash your intimates in the washing machine, choose the delicate cycle and cold water options. Buy a lingerie bag, which you can find for around $4 each, and place your delicates inside it before washing.

bras washing machineFinally, never machine dry your bras, as the heat will shrink and/or distort their shape. After washing, refrain from wringing the items out, and simply reshape and hang dry to keep them good as new.

If you follow these simple steps, your bras and underwear will last much longer. in the end, you'll save yourself trips to the lingerie store, and have more money in the bank because of it.

Do you use "lingerie wash bags"?
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No - and I didn't even know they existed!1 (25.0%)
No. I wash my intimates in the gentle cycle.1 (25.0%)
I hand wash.1 (25.0%)
Did you find our video on preserving women's intimates helpful?
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