From Clutter to Cash: The Best Places to Sell Your Stuff

Clutter to cash - how to sell your stuffThere are so many ways to unload items you no longer need or want, it can be hard to sort through all the choices. What's worth your time to sell and what are you better off donating for a tax write-off -- and where will you get the most for a given item? From antiques to baby toys to lawn mowers, here's a quick guide to raising cash from your cast-offs.

Click through our gallery to find out which outlets are the best for selling which goods.

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I'm involved in international business which requires me to move around frequently every couple years or so I KNOW a lot when it comes to selling.

Ebay: Mainly for selling small items in my opinion. Downside takes a large commission from the sale.

Craigslist: Mainly for selling large items. Downside is you get paid in person which makes it awkward to go back and forth on pricing.

HAGGLESHOPPER: My first choice. Ideal for selling small and large items and you get paid via paypal upfront. You can haggle on pricing through their site which makes it comfortable and easy. It's the best for buying because you haggle and ultimately pay less than auction or retail and the best for selling because you can get multiple offers on your items and choose the best deal for you.

Consignment Stores: Takes too much time. They have to first approve your item before they showcase it on their floor. Not too mention you actually have to pay them to pickup your item which makes it weird because you just want to get paid for your item and here you are having to owe money on and item you wanted to get rid of.


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Nina Starusev

you can sell your stuff here:


also the website use paypal too!

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YourStuff4Cash is an excellent place.

October 30 2012 at 12:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Also, I don't donate to Goodwill. They don't pay their employees even minimum wage keeping all the profits to build their huge corporation!! And to pay their high paid Corporate employees. NOPE. Not for me. I find an Abused Woman's Shelter, or Salvation Army in my area, and some Churches even take clean toys! I'd even take to those "clothing and shoes" drop off boxes, knowing that the stuff will be put to good use, probably at homeless people sheltters. Use sense in donating. Help the poor, not the rich getting richer!

October 19 2012 at 12:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

After selling pretty steadily on eBay for 14 years now, I'm finding that eBay gives the sellers more to list items now. They are NOT charging any listing fees for the first 50 items, every month. But with the final value fees, the everyrising cost of postage, the packing materials involved, the Paypal fees (as that's the only form of payment that is accepted now) and also eBay is now charging on shipping rates the seller lists the item for! So that boils down to about 10% in fees, plus packing supplies, plus postage. Gee, what is the seller allowed to keep now??? Just d-o-n-a-t-e. It's just not worth it anymore!!!

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It is not really a practical idea to sell things when you can just donate the item to the Salvation Army or even to Goodwill. Why? So you won't be responsible, if the product happens to be defective when it happened to me, when the product that was sold by the seller had a inherited software problem. Apparently, he wasn't aware that the item was in fact defective to begin with when the problem was in part due to the manufacture's inability to test the product before releasing it to the seller so the seller won't have to deal with the responsibility of selling a defective product firsthand. Also, the other reason why is good to just donate the item, that it is entirely tax deducted so you won't have to deal with the difficulty of trying to sell the item, if the item itself, loses value. And lastly, if you try to sell the item on EBAY. Well, good luck doing just that. There is a chance that people won't be encouraged to buy anything on EBAY not knowingly that they will be scammed or cheated into buying a dud.

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Just do a search for E Bay complaints. They aren't worth the risk. If you love your country, you should avoid them like the plague.

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Have you tried Yardsellr yet? No?? Why Not?! It's Free!! It's like shopping Thousands of Yard Sales and never leaving home :) Click the link below to receive a bonus ($5 to spend on any seller) when you sign up!! Easy sign up too...just click "Facebook Connect". Happy Shopping!!!

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Garage sales are a waste of time. If you have a lot of stuff, it takes a lot of work to get everything ready and then by the end of the day you sell very little and are still stuck with the stuff. People just don't buy that much.

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Where is a quick and easy way to sell designer mink coats? Any ideas?

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