Did Facebook Ruin the IPO Party for Everyone Else?


KayakFacebook's (FB) belly flop of an IPO continues to make waves.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kayak -- the popular travel website that was supposed to be the next major dot-com to go public -- has been slow to get its investor roadshow going.

Kayak has all of the attributes that one would like to see in a debutante. The site that scours a multitude of sources to deliver the best fares and rates for flights, hotel rooms, and related offerings is profitable. Revenue climbed 32% to $224.5 million last year. A whopping 310 million travel search requests were submitted through Kayak during this year's first quarter, 45% ahead of the site's popularity a year earlier.

However, Facebook is a hard act to follow -- and not in a good way.

IPO Friend Request Denied

It's been two weeks since the ballyhooed Facebook debut failed on many different levels.

On the surface, it was a case of sheer underwriter greed. Why should a company that earned $1 billion last year be worth $104 billion out of the gate?

However, the actual exchange made things worse. Nasdaq (NDAQ) mistakes left a lot of buyers unsure if they had been successful in purchasing shares -- and by the time many received their confirmations, the stock was already trading lower. The exchange halts of Facebook sympathy play Zynga (ZNGA) did little to restore the confidence of individual investors.

If investors can't trust underwriters to establish fair dot-com valuations or the exchanges to execute their orders at a time of heavy volume, why would they rally around the next hot tech company to go public?

It's not just Kayak in a holding pattern.

  • Twitter -- the most eligible private Internet company now that Facebook has gone public -- would have been a slam dunk of an IPO if the social networking giant's deal wasn't crumbling over the past two weeks.
  • LivingSocial -- Groupon's (GRPN) nearest competitor in the daily deals space -- now has two reasons to hold off on going public. Both Facebook and Groupon are trading below their initial price tags.
  • Pinterest, Foursquare, and Tumblr are just some of the online speedsters that will probably now have to wait until the bad taste that Facebook IPO's has left in the market's mouth goes away.

It's going to take a lot of time or some very strong mouthwash to make that happen.

Motley Fool contributor Rick Munarriz does not own shares in any stocks in this article. The Motley Fool owns shares of Facebook

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Holli, Chaney

The world is in a Socialist melt down due to government dependents. That has ruined the IPO market..

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Please stop sending me emails. Thank you!! ajponi@aol.com

June 02 2012 at 7:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Be happy! We'll be able to buy up all the Facebook stock we want at $3.00 a share...

June 02 2012 at 4:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The Facebook Public Offering was the equivilent of " the shot heard round the world " . That event , although not the events that led to the offering's disaster , is the even that rang the bell . From the recklessness of removing the seperation of banks and brokerages , which held the system at a truce since 1933 , to the basic demise of the specialist system on the NYSE , to the insatiable greed of Chief Executives of the Major Underwriters , to the lust for grossly negligent offering prospectus and change information . I saw Mr. Prez of Morgan Stanley on CNBC , who among other nonsense excuses , blamed the investors for placing large bets on the "new issue" , with the purpose of "getting rich " on the opening pop . Of course , it was not mentioned that the day before the offering , the price was raised considerably , and the size was increased 25 % . Simple supply and demand economics , dictated immediately , there was a bomb in the engine room , waiting to implode . mr. and mrs. joe investor had no idea what they ordered into . Their brokers in the syndicate knew The underwriters knew , Facebook knew from the Conference call the afternoon before the offering , and the clock started ticking . Liquidity of the American Market , without the specialist system , has essentially disapeared . Mr . Prez at Morgan Stanley is certainly due , at least a $ 25 million bonus . Why shouldn't he ? Over at JP Morgan , Mr. Prez oversaw the trading loss of $ 3 billion , and then took a similar bonus . Just look at the floor of the NYSE on CNBC TV , other than the opening , it's a giant near empty room . When i was a kid starting out , they called what they now call NASDAQ - "OVER THE COUNTER" . That means if you want to sell , at market , you get tossed over the counter . If you want to buy at market , you get the same mohawk over the counter .
mitchell rowe ; retired - formerly a registered investment advisor

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Is anyone surprised that Groupon and FB have stagnated? They were both at their growth peaks when they went public.

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