money campThese are not like the summer camps you remember from your youth.

Kids at Camp Millionaire in California build a whole mini-society based on "moola" -- a mock currency with -- wait for it -- a cow's portrait on the money. The tweens at Camp Challenge in North Carolina immerse themselves in an online simulation called "Life With Bills" where they virtually apply for jobs and pay their way.

And you thought Facebook was absorbing.

Business camps used to attract primarily those kids with a precocious interest in finance and a desire to pad their resumes for college admissions. But in the current challenging economic environment, more kids and parents are recognizing the benefits of finance camps.

Because, let's face it: Practicing archery and roasting marshmallows over a campfire may be fun, but they don't exactly prepare campers for the real world. Which survival skill is your child more likely to need in the future: Knowing how to build a lean-to shelter, or understanding how mortgages work?

DailyFinance has compiled a list of some of the best business- and finance-oriented camps around the country. (And, kids, it's worth noting. These are, at most, weeklong programs. That leaves plenty of summertime for swimming, lanyards and campfires later -- after you balance your checkbook.)

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