check engine lightYou always remember to change the oil in your car ... when the red warning light comes on. You get diligent about flossing ... when the dentist mails the reminder postcard to make an appointment for your six-month checkup. So consider this article your warning light/postcard to get ready for your midyear money review.

With six months of earning, saving, and spending under your belt, you've got plenty of data to project how 2012 is going to play out. So let's lift the hood on your finances and give everything a good once over.

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Spending as little as possible is certainly advisable. Unfortunately, I dont know of a single possible investment that is invulnerable to taxes and outright confiscation. We are attempting to discover a way to barter, difficult in today's society; and, not all that many people have barterable skills. We desperately need to restore individual freedom in this country, and that means far less government at every level. We have also begun learning to garden. In WWII they were called "Victory Gardens". We place our faith in Christ, not governent, and pray for our country.

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Not to mention being ripped off by the Banks and other Corporations........ So much for "Free" Enterprise; unless you can cut the cord(or control) from banking, healthcare, utilities, transportation and other features of American Capitalism today.....

May 21 2012 at 9:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"7-Step Midyear Money Checkup", this is an informative article thank you.

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