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Tax Tips for Procrastinators: The Top 8 Last-Minute Filing Blunders

Taxes are due - filing tipsHaste makes waste: It's an adage that best describes the fate that often befalls last-minute taxpayers, who, in a mad dash to meet the IRS deadline, make filing flubs that result in smaller refund checks or shelling out more to the government than they owe.

If you're among those last-minute filers, first, take a breath. Then take note of eight common filing mistakes to avoid.

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TurboTax Articles

5 Tax Tips for Single Moms

If you're a single mom filing your taxes, make use of tax credits and deductions that can help reduce your taxable income and reduce the amount of tax you pay. A number of strategies, credits and deductions can be used to reduce taxable income, and in some cases, allow tax refunds even if you didn't pay in any taxes. When you use TurboTax, we'll ask simple questions and handle these calculations for you.

Essential Tax Forms for the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also referred to as Obamacare, affects how millions of Americans will prepare their taxes in the new year. The law now includes penalties for all who haven?t obtained health insurance -- and those penalties are expected to be paid at tax time. The ACA also provides tax credits to help people pay for insurance, and you can claim those credits when you file your taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has introduced a number of tax forms to accommodate the ACA.

What is Form 1095-A: Health Insurance Marketplace Statement

If you bought health insurance through one of the Health Care Exchanges, also known as Marketplaces, you will receive a Form 1095-A which provides information about your insurance policy, your premiums (the cost you pay for insurance) and the people in your household covered by the policy.

Keeping Yourself Safe From Tax Scams Today

During tax time, there are numerous types of tax scams. These illegal schemes can result in the taxpayer being responsible for extra interest, penalties and possible criminal prosecution. Tax schemes and scams attempt to gain access to your financial information by email, telephone, fax or mail. They also may attempt to falsely collect tax you owe to the Internal Revenue Service. Using TurboTax ensures your financial information remains safe.

Health Care and Your Taxes: What's the Connection?

Your cost for Marketplace health insurance is based on the income you file on your tax return. Your reported income also determines your eligibility for the tax credits and penalties associated with Marketplace health coverage. Everyone has to have health insurance and by filing your taxes, you let the government know if you carry health insurance. The tax system acts as a way for the government to levy a penalty on those who don?t have it and to provide assistance, by means of a tax credit, to those who do.

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What's the difference between head of household & claiming a child as a dependent who does not live w/you?

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Is aol going to find a new source for news. I heard they were giving the Ax to Huffington Post. Has anyone else heard that?

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Obvious barrelman1 has not looked at the following Buffet link:

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Don't worry if Obama gets re elected we are all done anyway!

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Struggling for stories are we, AOL? Let me sum up this article for anyone that hasn't read it yet: Don't make mistakes. There you go, now I'm qualified to write news for AOL / Yahoo / Huffpost!

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A vote for OB is a vote for NO B

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Understand, sometimes it is best in the long run to leave out a deduction or two. If you are middling folk, small business and can't afford to be lawyered up to the max, then leaving out a deduction or two out, when audited comes in handy, I have been audited and being able to come back with those additional deductions saves me time and headache when I have been audited. Not a crime to over pay, but it is a crime to underpay.
Just a thought!

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