Government vs. BanksGuess who's more hated than banks? The folks in Washington.

Yes, despite the din from the Occupy Wall Street crowd, not everybody dislikes financial institutions -- at least, not their own. A new poll from the staunchly libertarian and conservative Reason Foundation and the similarly aligned Arthur N. Rupe Foundation found that 76% of Americans surveyed have a favorable opinion of their own bank, while just 15% gave it a thumbs down.

Who's the bigger villain, banks or the federal government?
My bank is great, can't say the same for the feds.320 (56.1%)
I think they both stink.203 (35.6%)
This government does a good job, the banks are another story.23 (4.0%)
I don't use banks.9 (1.6%)
I don't pay taxes, so I don't worry about what the government does.4 (0.7%)
11 (1.9%)
Uncle Sam, by contrast, gets a big thumbs down. A mere 32% said they have a favorable opinion of the federal government as a whole, and 62% rate it unfavorably.

Congress fares even worse: Some 80% of those surveyed said they disapprove of the job it's doing. And, when asked which outcome they feared more, 54% said they're more worried that the government will do something to make the economy worse, while 40% said they're more worried that the government will fail to take action on the economy.

The president, though, fared somewhat better: 49% of respondents approved of the job Barack Obama is doing in the White House, with 47% disapproving.

So, does this means banks have bragging rights?

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