Credit Card Delinquency Rates Rising AgainAlthough credit card delinquency rates still hover near record lows, more consumers are starting to fall behind on their payments.

The national credit card delinquency rate (the ratio of borrowers 90 or more days past due) rose 0.71% in the third quarter, the first time since the fourth quarter of 2009, according to credit monitoring agency TransUnion. Average credit card debt per borrower rose $63 in the quarter, to $4,762.

While the delinquency rate remains the second-lowest it has been in the past 16 years, the third quarter increase suggests that more high-risk consumers are opening credit cards, "as lenders have been gradually shifting their focus to the sub-prime market," Ezra Becker, vice president of research and consulting in TransUnion's financial services business, said in a statement.

The good news is that the spike in the delinquency rate suggests that consumers who've been hit hardest by the tough economy are now gaining more access to credit, Becker said.

However, a persistently bleak labor market could push credit card delinquency rates up further nationwide.

"As the mean duration of unemployment in the country keeps growing, consumers are running out of financial options," Becker said. "At some point, if the underlying economic environment does not improve, this could be reflected in higher national and regional delinquency rates."

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This goes hand and hand with the other article on daily finance!

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OWS is the result of the Scum-O-Pee's total economical failure.

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Don't use a credit card unless you can pay it off every month.

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Hi evan.

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Major Must-see News!

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For the love of God - Thanks to "Mr Hope and Change", the American People Do Not Have as he spelled out ------------ J - O - B - S -! How can they pay back their - Credit -Card - Loans - When The Government Has Done Everything It Could, To Allow American Big Businesses , To Take Jobs Out Of This Country! The Credit Card Companies, Should Get Their Pound Of Flesh From All Former Presidents & All Members Of Congress. These Are The Multi-millionaires, Who Have All The Money! In so far as the American People Are Concerned - You Can't Get - BLOOD - From - A - STONE & Remember Mr Wonderful & His Government Have Called This The "NEW - NORMAL" !

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Jose Dejesus


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James Stein

The increase in the credit card delinquencies should not come as a surprise. Five of the six largest U.S. issuers registered an increase for the same month (Citi being the only exception). The data from the next couple of months will tell us whether or not the delinquencies have bottomed out, but all indications are that they may have.

Even as the delinquencies have flattened, however, the total amount of credit card debt in the U.S. keeps falling. It is now at $790.1 billion, within the margin of error of the $789.8 billion mark reached in April, which was the lowest one in almost seven years. Moreover, the monthly payment rate on credit cards is now at 21.14 percent of the outstanding balances – 30% above the historical average of 16.3%.

So Americans are still very cautious with their credit cards and this is sure to continue to be the case for as long as the unemployment rate is in the stratosphere.

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Trudy Marie

Can't buy necessities with our good looks.....duh!

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