Financial Security Index Dips AgainA new poll from shows that only 17% of Americans feel better off financially than they were a year ago.'s monthly Financial Security Index fell from 93.9 to 92.8 in October, its second lowest level this year. According to, anything below 100 is a clue that in general, people are feeling less financially secure compared to 12 months ago.

"The weak economy, ailing housing sector and volatile stock market continue to undercut consumers' feelings of financial security," said Greg McBride, CFA, senior financial analyst for, in a prepared statement. "Americans' feelings about their savings, debt and net worth continue to erode."

How does your financial situation compare to a year ago
I am doing better.\r\n1 (20.0%)
I am about the same.1 (20.0%)
I am starting to struggle.1 (20.0%)
I am much worse.1 (20.0%)
I am thinking about bankruptcy.1 (20.0%)

Just how low folks are feeling? Only 11% of Americans said they were more comfortable with their savings now that a year ago, which was a new low. And when it comes to debt, only 20% said they were more comfortable than they were 12 months ago. That percentage has dropped monthly since June.

Meanwhile, 19% said their net worth was higher than this time last year, compared to some 30% who said their net worth had dipped.

Seniors are the group that's most earnestly crying the blues: 34% of those ages 50-64 surveyed, said they feel less secure in their jobs; 56% said they feel less comfortable with their savings, and only 5% are more comfortable. Nearly 40% of retirees say their overall financial situation is worse than a year ago, and a mere 7% are feeling things are better.

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America says Obama is on the wrong track.

I hear that lib train comin. It's rollin round the bend.
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Obama's stuck on Socialism and the waste goes on.
We'll oust him next November and we'll send him home.
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The reason people feel worse off isbecause the Democrats who took over the economy of the country in November 2006, when they won the house and senate, have just destroyed it like socialists always do. Just look at what has happened since then. By mid 2007 the entire world knew these wealth redistribution were going to do everything they could to destroy any prosperity that anyone could possibly have or aspire to. After Obama was elected in November 2008 the destruction mode of the left went into overdrive wit the presidential veto off the table.

When you look at Obama and his socialsit cronies all you see is Jimmy Carter and his whack job henchmen that destroyed the country the last time they had any political power.

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some occupyer supporter CLAIMS he runs a law firm---yeah---the administrative asst ? used to be called a secretary.
now claims they have an agenda........yeah,destroy society.

November 02 2011 at 11:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The workforce should of been close to 175,000,000 not 154 million +

November 02 2011 at 10:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Where are all the missing unemployed that dropped off the counts since 2007 if their not working they should be counted an that's another reason for Occupy!

We will be counted!

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1 reply to Iselin007's comment

yeah ! go and occupy A JOB.

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How can anyone trust Wall Street and the big international banks. The stock markets gyrations are to the man in the street unexplainable. Example, yesterday the market closed near the low of the day. This morning the market opened up over 1%. How is this possible. Wall Street would say that its based on the daily news that create either concern or joy that drives the market. Actually this type of news create opportunity for Wall Street traders and big institutions. By applying very complicated and highly advanced mathematical algorithms combined with extremely high speed computer trading Wall Street insiders are able to achieve profits due to the gyrations. Without such 1% to 3% daily moves insiders would not be able to realize mases profits. These profits and commissions are accomplished through millions of trades performed in the blink of an eye. Those profits are keep on Wall Street not distributed to main street. Main street portfolios, IRS, 401K and such suffer while insiders line there pockets with gold.

November 02 2011 at 10:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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Master of my fate..

Markets have always been fickel. Nothing new. Been trading and investing for over 35 years.
Seen companies beat thier estimates by a penny and stock moves down, same in reverse.
Remember for every seller thier must be a buyer, For every buyer thier must be a seller.
Thier are hundreds of different variables effecting the market, throw into the mix the advent of the internet and instant news, communication and rummers, huge emerging markets news, (China, Euro news) , Short sellers, margin traders, margin calls, ETF's just to name a few . Thats what makes it a "Market".
To make money focas on your own investments, worrying about some computer trader does nothing but cloud your own perspective and thinking in your own investments.

November 02 2011 at 11:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply