Health insurance is the new babe magnet -- so says a national survey of college students and graduates from Kelton Research and sponsored by Ninety percent of surveyed students and 93% of recent grads said that knowing a potential significant other has health insurance would make him or her more attractive.

These days, sexy isn't just about the sports car or the long, flowing hair.

The survey found that students are not just talking the talk, but willing to change their lifestyles and sacrifice some of their favorite past times to secure health insurance. Nearly 70% said they would give up a weekly night out a restaurant in order to obtain coverage, and 70% said they would be willing to give up weekly jaunts to the cinema. They aren't ready to give up everything though. Only about 50% percent were willing to give up that daily cup of joe in order to pay for health coverage.

And surprise, surprise, nearly 20% of those independence loving students said they were even willing to let their parents make all their financial decisions for a year if it meant obtaining health insurance coverage.

What would you give up to pay for health insurance?
tickets to your favorite ball team's games 1 (20.0%)
visits to the salon1 (20.0%)
gym membership1 (20.0%)
yoga classes1 (20.0%)
no way, you're not giving up anything1 (20.0%)

To show just how much props they give health insurance coverage, students and grads said that if they didn't have health insurance, they would be less likely to start a family, ride a motorcycle, travel to a foreign country, play extreme sports or have sex on a first date.

Maybe the youth aren't so foolish after all.

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Hi everyone! I got so tired of clicking on the link "Latest Financial News", and looking at stories that have been there over a month. Their top story has been there since January! And the stories that are actually current, you cant comment on them! I moved over to Yahoo. There pages are much, much better. You actually get current news, and you can even comment! What a novel idea!

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Another shameless article by the in the tank for Obama media trying to convince us Obamacare is good for us. Pathetic. If Obamacare is not replealed you will see your premiums go up more than usual and you will find it harder to get good medical care. Obama says Obamacare will cut medical costs. Let me ask you a question. If you add 30-40 million people onto an already burdened healthcare system and they are basically getting it free and at the same time you mandate more coverage for people with having to cover college kids up to 26 and to cover pre=existing conditions HOW CAN THE COST OF HEALTHCARE GO DOWN. It is a BIG LIE. This is another huge entitlement with the goal of driving private insurance out of business and having the government run it. As the years go on and you do not like your health insurance, costs, and services you can blame the DEMOCRAT PARTY. Obama will be long gone before the disaster happens.

July 11 2011 at 4:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

We are covered by a federal health plan and now by Medicare well for my disabled husband that is I am not old enough. As long as we see the plans providers we well now just me make a co-payment to the Dr. and for certain tests and medications and the health plan is not cheap and our share goes up about 30.00 annually. Wonder what happens once the remaining retirement check is used to cover the increasing cost of insurance and well when there is no money left in the small retirement fund what or where do we go from there! It is scary for sure.

July 11 2011 at 12:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The health care provider industry is obtaining complete control over all aspects of our lives they are scareing the american public into believeing that if they don,t pay for their services we will surley be doomed no matter what they charge for there so called coverage. Yeh coverage here is what you get for your hard earned money high deductible,5000-10000,500+per month premium while until you reach your deductable you will pay for your own health care out of your own pocket with what is left after all the basics are met ,food,electric,etc,etc. this article we are commenting on now they are doing a survey to see what you are willing to give up so they will know just how much to take.They have a monopoly,What if every buissness & every person who now has coverage canceled there policy tomorrow &took the loses that will occure after few months the insurance companies will collapse the entire health care industry will have to adjust to survive because the monopoly created by the insurance companies CAN NO LONGER DRIVE UP COST,to make the common man afraid not to have it WILL NO LONGER BE AROUND!!! So after a short period of time the money that was not turned over to the monopoly will be used to pay for the market driven very affordable NEW HEALTH CARE with some left over to save for the future or to spend on your healthy family just to have FUN!!!!!!!!

July 10 2011 at 11:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I, to watch Fox my insurance already covers my kids till 26.We need to stop giving everything away for free.No one will feel the need and will to try harder if we hand it to them.Its time to vote out the left and give back the respect our country has earned.

July 10 2011 at 10:48 PM Report abuse -2 rate up rate down Reply

Just look at how outrageous and preposterous this situation with health care has gotten. Young adults are content to remain children in order to have health insurance; people are using this as ciriteria in choosing a partner. We are slaves to the health care industry, and they, and the republicans in congress, want to keep it that way. We are the only industrialized nation that does not have national health care. It no longer matters to me if YOU (Or if I) have health insurance that YOU like and that YOU want to keep. This issue is going to bankrupt our nation. It is terrible that so many serious decisions are made because of health care. We need national, not for profit, health care. Over and out.

July 10 2011 at 9:47 PM Report abuse +5 rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to myrnaspaws's comment

National healthcare is just another way for someone else to have control over your life. If you remember, we live in a democratic republic, the best design for government in the history of mankind. Every citizen has rights granted by a creator and the governments purpose is to protect those rights. Healthcare is not a right, it is something you can purchase if you so desire, just like a car or house or any other good. Forcing me to buy something I may not choose to own violates my rights. True freedom has a price, it's called being responsible for yourself and your actions. US citizens need to stop being cry babies about what government should give away and start being responsible again. Just look to Europe to see what havoc socialist programs cause when they run out out of other peoples money to spend. What social program have our government ever done that benefited citizens in the long run, I can't think of one. Healthcare will be no different, the unintended consequences will ruin the care you will receive and will cost much more than anyone can imagine. Don't be deceived, single payer is just a ploy to gain control of you and your money.

July 11 2011 at 9:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

That's ridiculous

July 10 2011 at 9:26 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply