Bruce Watson recently took a look at the rising cost of private high school tuition. Can you bank on getting a strong return on investment from sending your teen to a pricey high school? Depends on how you measure.

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The biggest difference between public and private schools. Discipline. Physical, mental and emotional discipline. Public schools are weak in this area.

In our ville, our public educated kids get to spend anywhere from 45 mins to 3.5 hours (round trip) on a bus and the school officials can't figure out why fights keep breaking out on the buses.

But my nine year old(at the time) granddaughter, public school educated, did tell me I should vote for Obama because he "would be good for the country." So we got that.

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Sending your child to private school is not about having money.It is about sacrificing to obtain the best for your most important responsibility, your child. Small classes, motivated teachers, safe and secure learning environment all contribute to the potential of future success of the child.
With all the advantages of a private school background my son was able to attend an excellant college, recieve a degree in a meaningful field, and have a good job immediately upon graduation. Though sending our child to a private school required some effort on our part it was worth every extra hour worked, every dollar spent, and every personal sacrifice made.

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They are worth every dime of it, had two boys graduate and go on the graduate from college, the shcool they both went a has a 98% of their student go on to college and graduating! Just look at what their teaching in public schools, a list too long to post, but if parents were worried about their kids, worry more!

July 08 2011 at 8:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
randys world

private schools are worth every penny. there is no way in he** i would subject my child to the idiotic realm of public schools ...

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My children went to a private school; my grandchildren go to a private school. Of course it is pricey. They do learn moreand at the risk of being accused of being a snob, they are not exposed to as much drug, hip hop and other bad habits that go along with a public school. They also have teachers that can teach since they do not have the disruptive influence that go along with public schools. My wife taught for over 40 years from schools in Long Island to military schools set up in Germany and Japan by the military to teach children of military personnel; to Texas, to Michigan and then back to public shools in Florida. The discipline problem in some Florida schools made it impossible to teach in those schools. We pay high taxes to provide public shools but the product which we are paying for is atrocious and the taxpayers are getting very poor results for their money. My wife taught for the last 27 years of her life at a private school and she thoroughly enjoyed it beacuse she could teach. We are all turning a blind eye to the problems of public shools....teachers who cannot teach because of poor training or terrible discipline; single parent children where the single parent generally does not participate. Teachers love to teach but the conditions make it impossible. We need to recognize the problem, forget political correctness and solve the problem. If not we will rank in the lowest rank of education and be spending the most money to get crappy results. Unfortunately there are more non caring parents than there are non caring students.

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Whether or not you put your child in a public or private school depends on the public school the child would be attending. My oldest child reached kindergarten age when we were younger, living in a decent apt. complex and saving to buy a home in a nice neighborhood. Due to redistricting, the grade school he would have been attending was less than stellar. I happily paid for him to attend a private school and didn't mind carpooling so that he would be in better learning environment. When we bought our home, the schools in the area were very good, so he no longer went to private school since it wasn't a necessary expense. Private schools generally better prepare kids for college since they don't have to take in everyone like the public schools do. If you have the money and the private school in your area performs better than the public school your child would be going to, it only makes sense to send them to the private school.

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There are lots of extremely wealthy people who have far more money than they can ever spend. Private schools know this and jack up the price the same way colleges do. Perhaps increased taxes on the wealthy could funnel some of this excess money to public schools or charter schools.

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1 reply to andrc657's comment

Why do liberals feel they can redistribute other peoples money?? If someone wants to spend their resources on a private education, so be it. These people are already subsidizing other students with less resources-it's called financial aid. Why is America failing-liberals are running out of other peoples money to spend!

July 08 2011 at 6:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Pay now or pay later. I put my sons through private school, making sacrifices such as cable TV, vacations, etc, during those years. My siblings thought I was insane for doing so. Two of my sons received full scholarships for college, including tuition, room/board, books. While my brother was working two jobs struggling to pay tuition for his sons, my sons were on scholarship and I was able to afford cable TV, vacations, etc, again.

July 07 2011 at 7:08 PM Report abuse +3 rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to tow46's comment

Both of my children attended public schools and still earned full scholarships to ivy league schools. We spent our summers touring Europe, drove new cars, and have no debt. Public school is the best bargain this country has to offer if you are willing to get involved. If you expect the school system to raise your child, you will be disappointed. The reason there is so much negative press about teachers is because the financial industry is paying marketing firms big bucks to deflect the blame for this country's economic problems on everyone else. Get a clue people. Government unions, teachers, illegal aliens, and gays did not cause this country's financial problems. The fault for that falls squarely on corporations who are able to outsource American jobs with no penalty, the banks, and other financial institutions who greedily took more risks than they could afford.

July 08 2011 at 12:51 AM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

Paraphrase please! I don't want to watch a whole video, it's much easier to read an article.

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1 reply to Kathleen's comment

Interesting ... we will aim to do both. Do you have a low-speed connection? Do others feel same way? Eager to know as have many more videos on deck ...

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it is unfortunate that the perception of public schools has declined. Where do the problems lie?
Is it the kids, parents or teachers?

July 07 2011 at 6:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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