Readers Offer Unusual Cures for Pain at the Gas Pump

Gas Price Solutions: Our Readers Offer Unusual Cures for Pain at the Pump It's almost automatic: As soon as gas prices go up, the media rushes to offer suggestions for saving money on fuel. Over the past month, hundreds of magazines, newspapers and websites have been pulling out all the usual ideas for cutting costs at the gas pump.

Rather than drag out the same old ideas, we decided to ask you, our DailyFinance readers, to give us your best suggestions for cutting your gas expenditures. To put it mildly, we weren't prepared for the tidal wave we unleashed: In a matter of days, we were hit with over 1,500 comments and e-mails. After reading through them, one thing become very clear: Necessity is the mother of invention, and our readers are really inventive. Admittedly, many of the suggestions we received were fairly traditional, but some were extremely creative. Over the next week or so, we will be exploring many of your ideas.

Cut Back on Trips

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular ways to save money was by reducing the amount of time spent behind the wheel.
One reader took this to an extreme, commenting that "I cower and stay in my house. I don't take trips, I don't eat out. I quit sailing." Most, however, found ways to simplify their schedules. "Taysmom," put this well, writing that she has "cut my driving to a very small percentage of how much I used to drive. I plan my outings and errands to be done as efficiently as possible." Several noted that they are finding ways to entertain themselves at home, and combining all of their errands into a single trip that they make once a week.

While cutting back on trips can help save money, many readers took it a step further by completely rearranging their routes. "Robin" used the Internet to find the shortest way home: "I went on Google Maps; got the directions going to work...It saved me one mile in [my 21-mile round trip commute]." Another commenter noted that the shortest route isn't always the quickest one and advises readers to "Plan your route with right hand turns to avoid waiting for left hand turn signals."

'Terrain Driving'

Some readers took route rearranging to a much deeper level, noting that paying close attention to the terrain of the road makes it possible to use gravity to propel your car -- instead of gasoline. "Miffem" suggests "try going downhill as much as possible," but "Dennis" has it down to a science, which he calls "terrain driving": "In order to save gas as much as possible, it dawned on me to drive as slow as possible and whenever you come to a gradient in the road or a downward incline take your foot off the gas and let the car roll. You'd be surprised how far it takes the car."

Of course, when it comes to cutting gas expenditures, nothing beats walking. One commenter noted that moving to an "old neighborhood" that is close to all the necessities has made it possible to cut out most car trips. Another, Sonja, remembered her childhood, when "My dad and all of our neighbor men walked to work." She notes that the drop in housing prices means that many people "should be able to afford a home closer to their work."

Slow Down!

As the government has been telling us for years, one great way to cut down on gas usage is by slowing down. One reader, "Bob," argued that slowing down from 75 to 55 mph translates into a 20% cut in gas expenditure. He notes that "20% equals to 80 cents per gallon these days." On the other hand, "Spinnaker" argues that there's only a 15% difference between 55 and 70 mph. In truth, the difference depends greatly upon the model of car, but the Oak Ridge National Laboratory reported in 2010 that the average car's fuel economy was 17.1% lower at 70 mph than at 55 mph.

Several commenters also noted that coasting, avoiding quick starts and abrupt stops, and slightly over-inflating your tires all cut down on gas usage. "Acpward69" claimed that "we cut gasoline consumption by 25%" by "just slow[ing] down and quit[ting] all those jack rabbit leaps from light to light."

Ultimately, whether you choose to drive more carefully or just slow down, move to a more convenient home or just plan a better route to work, one thing is clear: the first step for saving money on gas is using less of it. And, as DailyFinance's readers have shown, there are a lot of ways to cut your fuel consumption -- and your expenses.

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Why should I cut back on my enjoyments to satisfy the coruption of the US government for oil prices, when the cost of desiel fuel is half the prosess and cost of regular fuel what I feel is that we should all stand together and tell the oil nations to go find someone else to buy there fuel......................... thank you for your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Right On Trach

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I'm not engineer and wonder the extra weight that a full gas tank has isn't a factor in gas saving. Therefore keep your tank half full and you will carry less weight and burn less gas.

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2 replies to raiseit1x's comment

Perhaps, Our 'engineers' need to re-design the combustible gas engine??..........Same basic concept for the last 100 years??

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1 reply to gardeningatnite's comment

The engineers have designed a better engine. 40MPG vs 16MPG In 1968 my cousin in Germany (an engineer) had a car that he converted to run on PROPANE gas. He did not use gasoline

May 07 2011 at 11:13 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down

Yes you would, however you would have to go to to station twice as often , which requires more gas, thus negates savings. Suggest you travel without spare tire instead. How often do you really need it. Another thought is to have your wife start out walking , saving more fuel as she walked.

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H E L L O.......... are there any smart libs out there? Smart libs - that's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.

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Of course there aren't dear

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Hello dear.

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The people who run this blog should clean out the crap,.

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Are all you people as stupid as your posts show?

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Are you dear

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Actually, I was kinda hopin' Darci would pop her head up. Evan is just a tard and far too easy for me.

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Evan? Darci? Please come back! I really like sniping you guys!!!

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Darci, never has anything cogent to say !
Nor coherent!

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