Gold bugs love bad news, and civil war in Libya, Africa's third-largest oil producer, couldn't have come at a better time. The pickup in the global economy and specter of central bank rate hikes helped knock the yellow metal off its lofty pedestal early in the year. Gold futures traded on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (CME) lost more than a hundred bucks an ounce in January, and the precious metal looked like it was going into a full-blown correction.

As we said back when gold prices were on the way down, what a difference a month makes -- and now the same holds true on the way back up. Uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya -- and the potential for unrest in Bahrain, Algeria and (gulp) Saudi Arabia -- have pushed the price of gold back within striking distance of nominal all-time highs.

With oil bouncing around near $100 a barrel in New York trading and the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU) off more than 350 points in just three days, it appears that the flight to safety in gold is back on.

Comex gold has rallied about 6% in February so far, closing at more than $1,415 an ounce Thursday. That's the highest gold prices have been in seven weeks. Tack on another $15 to $16 an ounce -- or a bit more than a 1% gain -- and gold will be back at the all-time record levels set back in early December (not adjusted for inflation, that is). See the chart below.

Gold prices were essentially unchanged Thursday, putting a run on the record on hold, but it may be just a matter of time if market sentiment is any indicator. Recall that sentiment is a contrarian indicator: When market participants are bearish, the next move in prices tends to be bullish (the idea being that all the sellers have sold).

It turns out that sentiment among professional gold traders looking to time the market is pretty dour -- and they appear to be sitting on lots of cash, according to the Hulbert Gold Newsletter Sentiment Index. Traders recommend allocating just about 45% of a portfolio to gold at these levels, according the the index. That means more than 50% should be sitting in cash, waiting to pounce.

That suggests that a lot of buying power is still sitting on the sidelines of this most recent gold rush.

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Good to see you back.

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It is not against the law to hord any metals these days, way back when Rosavelt was president he made a law that said you could not hord gold and silver over so much, years have gone buy and a President of the USA turned over that Law, so the American public can hord as much as they want in safty deposit boxes or other valts. Its even on the sold on the market these days, if you place a check in your bank for $10,000.00 or over the bank has to send a copy to the IRS any amount under that does not have to be recorded. So if you sell your hord some day sell under 10 grand lots at a time that way no one will even know you got paid for your investment. OK its call ed earned income and you might have to report some of it to the IRS but no one knows the real cash you got. My guess at one date in time the goverment will change this reporting method once people figure out all the extra cash they can make on hording silver and some gold, but for now there is nothing in the works for that and might not be for many years. Hord away watch the price go up and make your own retirement.

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Buy silver in all forms put it away, when the day comes you want to sell them its simple you hand the buyer one of those silver one oz. coins you paid 40 bucks for ( if buying in 2011 ) and they will hand you anywhere from 80 to 150 bucks back for for that same coin you paid 40 bucks for. Times that if you horded 4000 or 10,000 coins and do the math, a heck of a pay back. Simple as that, no bank fees, seller fee,s, no fee,s at all no middle person to take some money out of your earnings. Be your own bank pay yourself, get a great retirement.

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I have a friend that got a Law suit settlement a few years ago and i told him of this system, he and his wife bought 75 grand worth of silver coins, bars and placed them in a few safty deposit box,s, they bought thm from the dealer i have been buying from for over 25 years at 10 bucks a one oz. coin,s and 9 bucks a oz. in bars, at todays EACH of those coins sells for around 35 bucks each and the bars at 33 bucks each. They made to date 90 times the RETURN on there 75 grand than if they would have bought 10 year cd,s, or bonds, or even left in in a interest bearing savings account. They are very happy people. When silver hits 75 and 150 bucks a oz. they will be VERYYYYYYYY happy people.

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If your a small working investor that want,s a TRUE 3/4 of a million bucks in cash at retirement then read this and think about it. The stock people hate guys like me, because they don,t make any money of us. Silver in coin or bar form will be the best investment you will ever make, simple start buying silver now even at 40 to 43 bucks each for Silver egals or bars,or 90% silver coins. Rent a safty deposit box and each month place a certain amout in that box, when it fills up rent another. If you have and extra 20 grand don,t buy a CD, Bond, or any other investment it all in silver and place it in the box. Silver will reach 75 to 150 bucks for each one of those coins you have saved within that 10 year CD time to mature, treat your silver as a 10 year investment, don,t touch it. In that 10 years that 20 grand will pay you back 40 or more grand at 75 to 150 bucks a oz. coin. when you cash them in you get your 20 grand back PLUS 20 grand in cash thats 40 grand. That 20 grand profit is the is a low ball figure it will be higher. Silver will reach 80 to 150 bucks a oz. coin in that 10 year span. If you put enough away and it will not cost you much to do that little at a time you could end up with 1/2 to 3/4 million in cash after 15 years. There is NO CD,Bond, or any other saving investment out there that will even pay you back a potion of that kind of return in 15 years, plus you pay taxes on those CD,s and you have to pay if you use any of the money before maturaty. when you own your own silver you can cash in when ever you want with no one taking any money out of your profits. Silver will become the most sought after metal in the world because of its industrial use and it can not be reclamed as easy as other metals, so the world will need a constant new supply of the metal for most all electronic cars, batterys, the most reflective surfaces,medicans,hospital stuff ( because silver does not hold germs at all ) most cell phone key pads will have silver in them, and many other uses, down to that mirrow on your bathroom wall has a silver backing for high reflecting, tons of silver are used for that right now just on car head lights and mirrows of all kinds. Keep your silver the same way you would keep a 10 to 15 year CD and get paid 2 to 3 times your investment when you cash in.

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like all experts, they go with the wind, if oil prices go up, tey say buy, if oil goes down buy, its all bs. only ones making money are the specualtors who r selling u a load of horse manure. they make money whether u gain or lose.

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better than a dicocrap

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