Viewers of our Under the Radar series have had the opportunity to generate some great returns recently. Last August, Hilary Kramer, editor of, stopped by our offices and recommended that investors buy shares of Dole (DOLE). The stock, then trading at $9.80, now trades above $14 per share -- a 44% increase in less than six months months. A month earlier, Kramer recommended Fortress Investment Group (FIG), then trading at $4. These shares now trade around $6.70 - an increase of 68%.

In this video, Kramer now offers up three stocks that she says could double. Among her picks: a company called YM Biosciences (YMI) that is creating cancer drugs with terrific prospects. According to Kramer, oncologists have promising data for YMI's drugs and the results will be presented in June, which could be big news for the stock.

Kramer also likes MPG Office Trust (MPG), a real estate investment trust with properties in Los Angeles. While this REIT carries a lot of risk, it is a play on the rebounding housing market in Los Angeles. Kramer says that MPG is getting rid of a lot of non performing properties and "smart money" is increasingly focused on MPG.

Finally, Kramer says that shares of Metalico (MEA) -- a scrap metal recycling company -- could double within two years. Scrap metal, it turns out, is a big business and as the price per ton of scrap metal continues to rise and as Metalico buys up scrap metal recyclers on the eastern seaboard, these shares could do very well.

Listen to the short video to find out more about why these stocks have great upside potential.

Hilary Kramer is editor of the investment newsletter

Come See Hilary Kramer at the World Money Show in Orlando, Fl., February 9 to 12, 2011.

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what a bunch of crap only reason her picks worked is because the market is up. if the market turns down she will lead the sheep to slaughter again. Dow 5000 !!

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The Bowser Report has quite a bit of info on stocks $3.00 and under. So far they haven't mentioned YMI. I'll keep an eye on it.

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I have been watching all three of these stocks since I picked them in early December. So far I am a little wary still.

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I'd like to hear options for retirees. What stock would you recommend for a 79 year old wishing to make extra money for family and other needs.

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That has a lot to do with the article...and you should learn to spell the Egyptian President's name right if you are going to name drop.

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Yes and three years ago Kramer recommended AAV and that tanked.

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They ALL tanked 3 years ago...pretty hard to avoid that recession!

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My long experience withn trading stocks shows that stocks dont go up but rather go down until you sell first. then it goes up as if someone is watching you, somehow. I am sure that many feels the same way I do. Invasion of privacy???? Hillary means well but she is naive...

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Your assessment is pretty much the stupidest thing I've heard all day. Thanks for the good laugh though.

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